Battle Earth X
Author:Nick S. Thomas
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    From Colonel Mitch Taylor's personal journal -

    Uncharted space, Day 5

    Leaving Earth has changed each person differently. We haven't even been gone a week, and men and women are tearing themselves apart at every level of our new found society.

    I needed Jones to be at my side as we drove forward into a new era for humanity, and his loss is one of the greatest. We beat Karadag, we beat Demiran; no one ever imagined we could be beaten so quickly by Erdogan. He is a new breed of enemy, unlike any we have seen before.

    Earth fell, and we have been cast adrift in the universe. But we are alive. We will return to Earth. I don't know when, and I don't know how, but we will take our home back.

    Chapter 1

    The crowds were still cheering from Taylor's triumphant and hopeful speech when warning lights flashed on several consoles across the bridge. The cheering quickly curtailed as the ensign yelled, "We've got multiple hull breaches, Sir!" Taylor rushed to the ensign's console to see the locations himself on a blueprint screen of the massive vessel.

    "Are we under attack?" Huber asked bluntly.

    Taylor looked up grimly. "Bet your ass. Those aren't random. We've got five breaches at least, and hard to tell how many more as your security systems falter. We've got unwelcome guests, lot's of 'em."

    Huber opened a comms channel throughout the ship.

    "This is the Admiral speaking. We..."

    "Sir," the ensign interrupted, "We've lost all comms. Weapon systems are down, engines, too..."

    "What the hell is going on?"

    "They're dismantling your ship," replied Taylor.

    "It'll be chaos. Few of the crew are armed and ready to fight those things."

    "What emergency communication do you have?"

    "Without power?" Huber asked, "Light beacons, that's it."

    "Taylor turned to the comms officer."

    "Put out this message."

    The officer looked over to Huber for confirmation. The Admiral simply nodded for him to comply, but Taylor had already continued relaying the message.

    "Enemy forces aboard. Do not approach or attempt to make contact in any way, and keep repeating it."

    "We could call on some of the Marine ships for assistance?" Huber asked.

    "Negative. We have no idea how bad this situation is for us or any other vessel in the fleet. We need to resolve this ourselves and quickly. Where is your officer of the watch?"

    "Here!" a hesitant voice shouted.

    Taylor looked around and found a young female officer. She was almost shaking in fear and shock.

    "Your job is to put the word out. Send runners if you have to. Ensure all aboard know what to expect and are appropriately armed and prepared for it."

    "What should they expect, Sir?" she asked.

    "All hell to break loose. We've almost certainly got Mechs aboard and in some number. Get to it."

    "Aye, aye, Sir," she replied.

    The officer rushed off with the utmost urgency, now she had some task to work on. Huber had brought up a 3D projected model of the ship before them, with all known breaches marked.

    "We've still got some power, then?" Taylor asked.

    "Life support and basic systems, but that's about all," replied the ensign.

    Taylor signalled for Jafar to step up beside them.

    "What are they planning?"

    He looked at the 3D map for just a few short seconds before replying bluntly, "Have they destroyed the ships weapon systems?"

    "No," replied Huber, "Just disabled our power."

    "Then they intend to seize the weapons for themselves."

    "To what end?"

    "Maximum destruction of the fleet."

    "They've already got our guns. All they'd have to do is seize the bridge, and they'd manage it," Huber gasped.

    "That's not gonna happen," Taylor said confidently.

    He could tell Huber didn't look so confident.

    "Parker!" Taylor roared.

    Sergeant Eli Parker rushed up to him.

    "You and your platoon are staying put. You stop any of those bastards getting in here? Got it?"

    She nodded in agreement, rushing off to gather her unit.

    "And get Dubois in here. You keep her safe now."

    "Got it!" she yelled and she continued on.

    He looked out at two-dozen of the Inter-Allied troops who had come aboard with him. They were laying about the entrance. He quickly noticed Corporal Robinson and was surprised to see he had made it.

    "Corporal, amongst Jones' Company that came aboard, who is the most senior?"

    He shrugged for a moment and then responded, "I guess I am."

    "You've got about platoon strength. They're yours now. Do the Captain proud."

    His face went blank in disbelief, but he accepted it in a dignified fashion.

    "Platoon leaders, get your asses here now."

    The remaining three, including Corporal Robinson stepped up and joined him and the Admiral. Lieutenants Matthews and Anders. Both men promoted up from the ranks that Taylor had gotten too little time to get to know as officers. All he knew was they were hardy enough fighters to have made it that far with him. Jafar still stood and listened in, and Morris joined them.

    "What can I do?" asked the former MDF Captain.

    Taylor had forgotten he was even still with them. He had blended into the grunts throughout the operation. Taylor knew the former Moon colonist had no idea if his people had made it out alive, and yet here he was doing everything he could to help.

    "You stick with me," replied Taylor.

    Morris did not protest. It was clear he was not going to wrestle for any kind of command or leadership capacity. Taylor pointed to the lower decks of the ship. "Anders, here. Matthews you'll take the port side. I'll sweep the starboard decks."

    "And the centre?" Huber asked.

    "Your people are gonna have to take up some of the slack. We're in communication blackout. For most of the crew that means they're on their own; mostly lightly equipped and probably unaware of the enemy presence. Lives are at stake here, and every second we waste will be more lives lost. Jafar, you stay here."

    The alien looked surprised, but Taylor merely glared at him, and he did not protest. Taylor knew he was his strongest asset, and he needed that asset protecting the bridge.

    "And me?" Silva asked.

    "On me," he replied.

    He fully intended to sweep quickly through the ship, and he wanted the Sergeant Major by his side. He looked around the bridge to see few of the crew knew what they could or should be doing. Most had little control over the systems they were tasked with monitoring. He leaned in close to Huber.

    "You've got weapons lockers nearby?"


    "Then draw everything you can. Get a gun in every one of their hands, and be ready for a fight."

    Huber was taken aback. It was clear he had never had to fight with his own hands before, despite being a competent naval officer and commander.

    "You can stop them, can't you?"

    "We have to."

    Taylor turned and headed for the door where Parker was now waiting with her platoon.

    "Come on, let's move!"

    He tapped Parker on the shoulder as he rushed past without a word and grabbed a shield that lay propped up with others at the entrance.

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