The Twelve: Altunai Subset One
Author:Killian McRae

    From the author: A note about structure and history.

    Thefollowing is a collection of three short stories based on thecharacters and events which transpire in my speculative fictionnovel, 12.21.12 (Tulipe Noire Press, 2011). While the eventsof these stories are set prior to events of that book, readersunfamiliar with the original work will likely find themselvesconfused without proper orientation.

    Firstly,it should be understood that the protagonist of 12.21.12 was ahalf-alien, half-human woman who referred to herself as VictoriaKent. Victoria was born as Tlalli Muhaatum in the Olmec Empire circa3100 BCE. Over the eons, she was known by many names, however, and inthis volume of stories she is referred to at different junctures asSekhmet or Antonia Aurelius. The reader should recall that Tlalli,Antonia, Sekhmet and Victoria all refer to the same individual.Likewise, Osiris, Egyptian God of the Afterlife, is the same man asthat referred to in 12.21.12 as Dmitri Kronastia.

    Whilemany of the historical figures in this work did exist, the timing ofcertain events referenced have been altered from historical truth tofit the needs of this fictitious work.

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