The Imageverse - A book by Michael O'Farrell
Author:Michael O Farrell

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    The Gypsy

    You know the routine.You’re at a carnival. A huckster beckons you into the tent behindhis platform, “Ladies. Gentlemen. Step right up. For the meagerprice of a cup of morning java, just one thin dollar, and we won’tmention just how thin that is these days, Madame Carmen, authenticpractitioner of the old world mystic art of divination, will part theveil of eternity and reveal all. Your past. Your present. And. Yes...Your future. Do you dare? ” He looks directly at you and with awave of his hand, “Step right up…”

    You pay the price,mount the creaky wooden stairs and enter the canvas tent through ashimmering of hanging beads. Inside the tent, an old Chovikani sitson a dimly lit stage. In front of her, on a small circular tablecovered with a tattered cloth adorned with images of theconstellations and planets, sits a crystal ball.

    “Sit”, she saysas she motions you toward the chair opposite of her. She stares intoyour eyes while passing her hand over the crystal ball. The ballglimmers with an eerie green glow. She peers into the crystal andsays “I see, you are seeking something. Perhaps knowledge of thefuture, a mate, money.” She gazes at you, strange, penetratingeyes. “Perhaps, yourself… Closer. I tell you your fortune…”

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