The Great Song - A book by Rex Bromfield
Author:Rex Bromfield

    The Great Song

    a short story by

    Rex. Bromfield

    Copyright(c) 2011 R. Bromfield


    Far away, on theplanet Nnnn, life sprang into existence about the same time that itdid here on Earth—though the two planets are so very, veryfar apart that the whole notion of simultaneity is irrelevant. Thedecent, intelligent beings of Nnnn live in a globular cluster justoutside the Milky Way known as... well, because it is of littlesignificance and so far away, no one has actually given it a name,only a number. The number is NGC2419. Anyway, the Nnnnians, stuck wayout in the backwoods as they are, go on about their simple dailyroutines, living and dying quietly under the warm, unchanging glow oftheir sun, (a modest star that has no name, either.) Their star, inthe English equivalent of the Nnnnian language, is simply known asthe sun. Every day when the sun stands straight over head the peopleof Nnnn stop what they are doing to look up and sing the GREAT SONG.

    The Nnnnians have nowritten language, and since the GREAT SONG is so ancient, no oneknows how or why or when it began. Nnnnians don't concern themselveswith such details. In fact absolutely no one on planet Nnnn reallythinksabout much of anything. That is not to say that they are not in manyways sophisticated beings living in a society of peace andprosperity. They are. It's just that on Nnnn, life's stunninglytedious regularity does not inspire anyone to think deeply aboutthings very much. The planet is not tilted on its axis, so the suntraces a path across the Nnnnian sky in the same place and in exactlythe same way each and every day. They have no concept of years onNnnn, only days. For example, the current date, according to theNnnnian calendar, is 887,745. When the sun is directly overhead thetime is 0, much like it is for some people here on Earth at midnight.And much like on Earth, at night on Nnnn, there are many manytwinkling lights in the velvety black sky. Of course we here on Earthsee hundreds of thousands more twinkling lights because we look downfrom the edge of a huge spiral galaxy where we suspect, at least,that there's a lot going on. On top of that we have a big fat moonthe size of a continent hurtling through our skies all the time. TheNnnnians would be frightened to death if anything like our moon everappeared in their sky. They would run and hide. It would be naturalfor them to do so, for the sum of their experience, throughout theentirety of their history, would tell them that there is nothing atall to keep this enormous great thing from crashing down on theirheads.

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