The Eye Of Renithi
Author:Aaron Clausen

    The EyeOf Renithi

    A Tale Of Mars

    Aaron Clausen

    Smashwords Edition

    Copyright 2011

    Despite my every effort and desire, I can recall all that hashappened to me on that terrible world that I now race away from. Theinjury which took away my face and my sight has not robbed me of mymind, or of the terrible memories and that mad, aching desire. Thedoctors believe I am insane. I wish to God I was.

    I was onceBryce Carlisle; a tall, handsome, fast-talking no-good son-of-a-bitchwho made what one might call a living selling little pieces of Mars'past. Out of a foolish sense of pride, or perhaps simply guilt, Icalled myself an antiquities dealer, although looter would have beencloser to the mark.

    Sitting inmy small den-like shop on the Street of Cartwrights, I passed thedays paying a pittance for statues, trinkets and other relics of atleast dubious origin. The demand for anything that even lookedancient back on Earth was so insatiable that even a two-bit playerlike myself could keep himself in booze and women off the proceeds.My ambitions were sufficiently small, so this life was adequate to myneeds. That is until a package came from a man I had not seen in fiveyears.

    It was anotherwise ordinary Martian afternoon, unbearably hot and dusty, whenthere was a knock at the door. When I managed to rouse myself, therewas nobody there, just an oddly shaped brown package. On closerinspection, it was a crudely fashioned envelope, made out of animalhide and sewn shut by thick yellow spider silk, doubtless from one ofthose monstrous creatures that inhabited the mountains of thesouthern hemisphere. On the front written in large letters was myname, but there was no hint of the identity of the sender.

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