The Dead of Night (A Base 19 Story) - A book by Joe Robertson
Author:Joe Robertson

    The Dead of Night

    Joe Robertson

    Copyright Joe Robertson 2011

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    The Dead of Night

    I heard my phone vibrate as Professor Hatten droned on from the frontof the class about John Dewey or some other dead educationaltheorist. It had been a cold winter and it was the first day of theyear that had been over eighty degrees, and the last thing I wantedto do was set in another boring education class that was like everyother that I had already taken, but so was my fate because even if Icould get out of class early, I had to work afterward so my fun wouldbe short-lived. I pulled my phone out of my bag and opened it to seewho had texted me. “Are you out of class yet?” my friend Loriasked.

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