The Chronicles of Z’va’Xin - Bone yard(9)
Author:Robert Moons

    Xinmoved to the centre of the great table to stop and hover over it.“This is it, I suspect.” Xin scanned the ship’s centralcontrols beneath her. “This appears to be in working order but itneeds some electrical current to power it.” No sooner had she madeher mechanical prognosis than an electrical streamer came off herouter shell and directly into the centre of the translucent table.The table produced a low to high hum, as it lit up like a garish,neon sign. Now she needed to access the machine, learn its languageand workings. It took less than ten minutes before she made herassessment. “Although there is some minor damage to the ship andits systems, the main problem is that the ship’s power core haslong been depleted. I could transfer some of my energy from myreactor core directly into this ship’s.”

    “Xin,I don’t want to rain on your parade, but you do know that this shipis like a million times bigger than you?” Dave pointed out smugly.

    “Iassume you are exaggerating to bolster your point, however, dimensiondoesn’t always equate proportionately with power,” Xin informed.


    “Sizedoesn’t always matter,” Xin simplified, as she phased through thetable then the floor beneath, and continued heading down towards thecentral power core.

    “Sowhat am I supposed to do?” Dave said glumly.

    “Wait,”came back the reply.

    “Fine.”Dave crossed his arms.

    Afew minutes later, Xin was back hovering over the control table onceagain, but now she was able to power systems on.

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