The Chronicles of Z’va’Xin - Bone yard(8)
Author:Robert Moons

    Thereseemed to be no end to the cages, as they travelled the length of thewall. They had past hundreds if not thousands of cages, and therewere cages on the opposite wall, as well as four more of thesetunnel-like sections to the ship. What’s with all the animals? Davewas mystified. He kept coming back to the zoo idea, but it justdidn’t sit right.

    Thelong tunnel finally opened up into a huge, cavern-like opening. Twoother large, tunnel openings could be seen on the left and right ofwhat was the centre of this space hulk – a large, domed structure.The structure appeared to have the same dark-purple colour andorganic-like texture of the tunnels. There was nothing unusual aboutit except for...

    “Doors!”exclaimed Dave.

    Therewere five half circle-shaped openings, each one facing theirrespective tunnel. They were about three metres high, and were simplya hole by which to gain access into the central structure.

    “Thiscould be the primary control location,” Xin guessed as she floatedtoward the opening directly ahead, followed quickly behind by Dave,who matched Xin’s speed so perfectly it seemed as if the smallprobe was pulling him along.

    Insidethe structure the light from the outer glowing walls was absent. EvenDave had trouble making things out in the almost total blackness,until Xin’s outer shell illuminated the immediate area with amoderately bright, white light.

    Inthe centre of the round, giant room there was a waist-high, largetable. It appeared to be made out of a clear, glass-like materialwith primary coloured shapes, black alien lettering, and a complexseries of lines. To Dave, it looked more like an enormous, roundpiece of abstract art reminiscent of Joan Miró perhaps.

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