The Chronicles of Z’va’Xin - Bone yard(6)
Author:Robert Moons

    “Yeah,right, in space they can’t hear you scream, or talk, or fart,”Dave joked. Xin didn’t find it at all funny, as the verbal versiondidn’t translate well into thoughts that were then relayed via thechip implant.

    “Iwould highly recommend avoiding flatulence within the envirosuit,Dave. Anyway, to answer your question – the envirosuit hasanti-grav movement capability. Just focus on the device, thenvisualize the direction and speed you wish to go.”

    Davehad been using the implant for a few weeks and was fast becomingexpert with its use. He was using it to fly the Odyssey, access theZ’va Prime library; he even used it with his Mac laptop he hadbrought along. It took a bit of practice and patience at first, buthe was now able to work with Photoshop and Illustrator by justthought alone.

    Sonow, he thought about the two centimetre, flat device strapped to hisback, told it he wanted to go forward, and visualized the speed atabout three kilometres per hour. Sure enough, he floated toward theportal at a slow walking speed. Stop, he thought, and he stoppedabruptly arms length from the phaseway portal. “No problem,” Davesaid, but Xin only received the thought that he was ready.

    “Good,then let’s go,” Xin replied as she moved through the portal tolead the way. Dave followed right behind her.

    Theinterior of the tunnel-like appendage was as wide as a footballfield. The various bones were not packed thick, nor spread outevenly, so it was easy enough to maneuver around the open gaps, andeven ignore the tiny mouse size bones as they reflected off theenvirosuit’s low force field. Dave’s ability to see in minimallight came in handy, as he floated a wide zigzag pattern away fromthe Odyssey. The slightly curved floor, about a metre below his feetwas a very dark, (and in this light) undetermined colour.

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