The Chronicles of Z’va’Xin - Bone yard(4)
Author:Robert Moons

    “Affirmative,”Xin’s logic programming agreed, “but let’s keep it simple –no space walks – just phase the Odyssey through the hull of thatship.”

    “Affirmative,”Dave parroted back with a smile.

    Dave’scranial implant relayed his thoughts to the secondary control panel,which was out of sight, and located directly under his chair. Thebridge had no buttons, controls, or monitors of any kind, and exceptfor the white, square chair, the bridge was virtually empty.Everything on the ship was controlled via thought; all theinformation gathered went directly to the implant, and then to Dave’sbrain. It took a bit of getting used to in the beginning, but theship was fast becoming an extension of Dave’s own body, andresponding to him almost as quickly.

    Thetransparent bridge transformed back to a white hull as the Odysseyslowly moved forward, phased out and through the thick hull at thetip of the nearest appendage of the huge ship.

    Xin’sclinical data of the ship’s interior did nothing to prepare Davefor the visual reality. When he changed the bridge back totransparent mode, Dave was face to face with a monstrous, floatingskull, of God knows what, that was about the size of a VolkswagenBeetle.

    “Ahhh!”he yelp as he literally jumped back.

    Afterhe got over the initial shock, he gazed past the frightening skull.It looked like they were inside a dark, giant tunnel with walls thatseemed to give off a low, purplish glow just night-light brightenough to illuminate the horror it contained. “It’s a bone yard!”A chill went all the way down Dave’s spine. Randomly suspended inthe near vacuum were thousands of bones as far as the eye could see –skulls, jawbones, rib cages, pelvic bones, spinal columns, and othersthat weren’t identifiable. Some bones appeared to be from creaturesthe size of a mouse; others were almost as large as a whale’s, andevery size in between, the white-yellow bones taking on a purplishhue from the eerie glow coming off the walls. Some skulls lookedalmost familiar while others were barely recognizable as being askull, making Dave wonder what these creatures could have possiblylooked like – extremely alien, he imagined.

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