The Chronicles of Z’va’Xin - Bone yard(3)
Author:Robert Moons

    “1.956kilometres,” was Xin’s machine-like answer.

    “That’sabout eighteen football fields, and I’m talking with the end zonesincluded – it’s huge!” Dave exclaimed.

    “Basedon my scans,” Xin analyzed, “this ship was created by areasonably advanced race. The alloys used, the propulsion system, andits power core are all quite impressive. If the civilization thatcreated this ship still exists, they could be a possibility for theZ’va Prime library upload. I cannot get an accurate reading as tothe age of this vessel due to the preserving effects of space. Thisis odd – I am getting some unusual readings from inside the ship.There is a considerable amount of organic matter spread out insidethe entire ship.”

    “Whatsort of organic matter?” Dave asked with a bit of trepidation.

    “Inconclusive,”Xin responded, a bit perplexed, “its hull is able to block some ofmy scan modes. It is organic matter but I am not getting any lifereadings. Also, there is zero gravity, and it is a virtual vacuuminside, except for a small percentage of nitrogen and oxygenmolecules at a four to one ratio.”

    “Sothere are frozen dead things inside – that’s nice,” Dave summedup sarcastically.

    “Ineed to get inside this ship to find and access the data storagedevices,” Xin determined. “Without them being powered on, it isimpossible to locate them.”

    “I’mcoming along this time,” Dave stated firmly. “I’ve studied allthe Traveler training files,” he added to argue his case.

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