The Chronicles of Z’va’Xin - Bone yard(10)
Author:Robert Moons

    Theroom they were in lit up as bright as daylight. Next came the soundof rushing air from vents unseen. Dave’s ears told him it wascoming from the sides of some of the bumps that decorated the entireinterior of this colossal ship. And finally the pièce de résistance– gravity, as Dave fell to the hard, metallic floor.

    “Ouch!Man, it’s a good thing my head is even harder than before.” Daverubbed the back of his head feeling for a bump that wasn’t there.

    “Iam unable to find any ship’s logs to enlighten us as to what hashappened here.” Xin stated. “Ship’s logs were either notcustomary by the Captain of this vessel, or they have been deleted –very odd. However, I was able to locate some information about thisship and its destination. This ship was designed to transport a widevariety of creatures from one planet to another.”

    “It’san ark!” Dave exclaimed with a sudden realization.

    “Itseems that their homeworld’s sun was on the verge of goingsupernova,” Xin continued. “Their destination was the secondplanet of the nearby solar system. Obviously, something went terriblywrong.”

    “Obviously,”Dave echoed.

    “Aftertransferring energy to this ship’s reactor, I am down to twentypercent power. I need to recharge at the nearby star; then I willmeet you back at this location; lastly, we can explore the secondplanet together.”

    “Soundsgood,” Dave said. “You go ahead. I’m going to walk back to theOdyssey; examine some of those bones, and maybe pick up a couple ofsouvenir skulls.”

    “Verywell. When finished, phase the Odyssey out of this ship and wait forme please,” Xin instructed. “You can turn off your envirosuit now– the atmosphere and temperature are now at an optimal lifesustaining level. I adjusted the interior air and heating systemsmore suitable to your specific biological needs. The default aircomposition settings of this ship are very similar to Earth’s, butthe temperatures of each of the five tunnels were set at variouslevels, from zero to forty degrees celsius. I set the entire ship toa comfortable twenty-four degrees – the other occupants of thisship will no longer need their specific temperatures.”

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