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    By Josh Isaacs

    Copyright 2012 Josh Isaacs


    Nothingness became something. A glimmer of what could beperceived by some as consciousness arose, lacking only the mostnecessary of things to call it such; life was not, feeling was not,self-awareness was not. The conglomeration of the mediocre,infinitesimal objects conforming together in a common, redundantpurpose: uniformity. The basic measure of a quality machine,inversely the measure of a life not lived. Desired by many,simultaneously feared by all. Redundancy. Conformity. Commonness.Uniformity. Mediocrity. These, the greatest fears of the most commonmindset, meanwhile fervently pursued by the masses, create inthemselves paradoxes. If one fears redundancy, they fear being thesame as the majority. If the majority fears redundancy, it hascreated the redundancy that is so feared. The loop begins. Likewise,there is a great comfort to be found in being the same as all others.Mediocrity brings about a need for nothing more. It fulfills itselfin its own conception.

    Programming was receivedwith utmost devotion, due to the nature of the programming: to followsaid programming. A redundancy so necessary to the existence of sucha machine that without, it was little more than a mass of metallicalloys, graphene and near-obsolete silicon in biped form.

    The following line ofprogramming: to conform; to follow direction(s) and to serve thosewho were in current, standing, legal possession of itself. To see tothe needs of the owner.

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