Obsidian's Child - A book by Brad Boötes
Author:Brad Boötes



    Copyright© 2011 by Brad Boötes



    Theocean sighed mournfully as seabirds skimmed the waves. Basking inthe last rays of gold from a temperate sun, great palisades of rockdove into a wild surf hundreds of feet below, lending their stoicstrength to a fickle maelstrom.

    Amidstthe giant porous sandstones that could have stood there for eons –and not much less immovable than they – stood a man. From adistance, one could scarcely tell him apart from the rock on whichhe leaned. Tan suede jacket and tawny hair ruffling in the wind, heseemed unfazed by the scale of the scene in which he found himself,oblivious to the possibility that – should one of the seagullsflying overhead have an uncharacteristic case of myopia – he mightbe mistaken for a collection of quartz particles in the sandstonebehind him.

    Ashis broad shoulders rose to full breath, the last rays from the sunshot a green flash toward him – an emerald that effervesced for abrief moment, then vanished without a trace. By the time he exhaled,it was all over.

    Gloamingbrought with it a strange chill and the growling of puffins from thecliffs above lent a different, eery air to the shore.

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