Metalheart - A book by Stephen Cote
Author:Stephen Cote

    Stephen W. Cote

    Copyright Stephen W.Cote 1994

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    Helloand thank you for reading. My name is Stephen W. Cote. I am aSoftware Engineer and Consultant, a United States Marine, a martialartist, and an author. You can find more information about my earlycreative writing and ongoing open source projects on enjoy writing hard and whimsical science fiction, adult fantasy,and poetry. As an early advocate of Creative Commons licensing, manyof my short stories and poems have been available online since 1996.

    Ifyou enjoy this story, or my other free stories, you may also beinterested in my short story collections available on Smashwords,including NothingLike Heaven.

    Ifyou would like to learn more about my writing, open source projectssuch as the Hemi JavaScript Framework, or inquire about unpublishedmanuscripts and shorts, please contact me at

    Thankyou for taking the time to read my work and I hope you enjoy it.

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