Lowercase earth Part 2 – Liz’s Indifference
Author:Jon Sager

    Lowercase earth Part 1 – Liz’sIndifference

    By Jon E Sager

    Copyright 2011 Jon E Sager

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    Part2 – Liz’s Indifference

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    Part 2 – Liz’s Indifference


    Some people will write about complacency. Somewill talk about talk about our history. Some will talk about thenative environment and how it beats us if we are not careful. Iwon’t talk about any of those. I want to talk about redundancy. Redundancy and patterns.

    earth's infrastructure, it’s government, evenits society is built on redundancy and layers. Layers of backups,patterns of behavior, repetition and structure. Comfortable andbeautiful.

    Well, I may have a little frippery in this aswell….

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