How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Digital Overlords - A book by William Hrdina
Author:William Hrdina

    HowI Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Digital Overlords


    Publishedby William Hrdina and Fnord Publishing at Smashwords.

    Copyright2011 William Hrdina

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    How I Learned toStop Worrying and Love My Digital Overlords

    A Short Story byWilliam Hrdina

    Please forgive mysloppy handwriting. Pen to paper is the only way I can tell thisstory- anything electronic is… dangerous. I have an old fashionedmimeograph machine to make copies of my tale when I’m done. If youdon’t know what a mimeograph machine is- go ahead and Google it-I’ll wait.

    Crazy huh? I’m goingto have purple ink on my fingers for a month.

    But enough about me-I’m not here to talk about my fingers- I’m here to write aboutLeo Vine.

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