Friend of Tragon
Author:Robert Challis


    A Short story byRobert Challis

    Publishedby Robert Challis at Smashwords. Copyright 2012 Robert Challis

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    I work at the EssoCar Sales and Service Station in Kingstown. We are the local R.A.A.reps, and one of the more unusual calls occurred on the Saturdayafternoon of the footie Grand Final. I was just closing up, lookingforward to catching the start of the game between Kingstown andMingi, when Guy Millard pulled up in his ute and asked me to fill herup.

    We exchanged a fewwords about our chances in the final, and just as Guy was handing mefifty dollars, he added.

    "Oh by the way,I almost forgot, I nearly knocked over this short skinny bloke aboutsixty kilometres back along the track. He was a bit confused andreckoned he’d rolled his wagon, I said I'd ask the R.A.A. bloke tocome out and fix him up."

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