Explain That to a Martian - A book by Gary Weston
Author:Gary Weston

    Explain that to a Martian!

    Gary Weston

    Copyright Gary Weston 2011

    Smashwords edition

    Explain that to a Martian!

    I heard or maybe read somewhere, that if you doubt your sanity youare in fact sane. Well, at fifteen minutes past three in the morning,on my way to empty a nagging bladder, making out vague but familiarshapes through bloodshot half closed eyes, I couldn’t find thedoor. I was actually normally fairly adept at finding doors. For thethirty four years of my questionably adult life, I had stumbledthrough, barged into, pushed when the sign had clearly told me topull, but, generally speaking, had always managed to find the damneddoor.

    Focusing through the mildly alcoholic haze, I had staggered sleepilyacross my own bedroom into the lounge, intent on navigating my wayunaided onwards into the dining room and without assistance fromeither a Sherpa or a guide dog, continue unhindered to the room ofmuch relief.

    This ritual had met with unerring success on all previous occasionsand I had been reasonably optimistic that these small steps formankind would end similarly victorious. All of this would have beentrue, had I been able to reach the door to open it. Through the palelight of the moon, shimmering its way through the un-curtainedwindow, I could see the door, I just couldn’t touch it. Somethingtransparent yet tangible was preventing me. It seemed to cover myentire body. I poked it with a finger, hoping the bubble would burst.It didn't.

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