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    Richard Parr


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    Boring Front Cover

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    When Maureen was clothed, shetravelled downstairs to the petite corner shop that sat directlybelow her apartment. Inside she purchased an apple ce-not-real barand THE BIN LADEN VIDEO COLLECTION on DVD for her lonely evenings,because, due to an unexpected mass walkout from Celebrity Last Supperand Strictly Come Dancing on E, there was nothing good onterrorvision. In the queue a man was talking to himself, and thenMaureen realised he was using a hands-free device. In fact, everyonein the queue except Maureen was having a conversation with fresh air.At the front, a man talked loudly on his mobile phone while beingserved. On receiving his change, the man didn’t even acknowledgethe server. Instead, he put his hand out, collected his change andcarried on his conversation all the way into the street where he washorribly mauled by a deadly 7-mph scooter pulling a wheelie.

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