Win Big:A Bad Boy Sports Romance(70)

By: Bella Love-Wins

She moaned when I kissed her feverishly. Lowering my mouth to her neck, I sucked and bit at her flesh. I slipped my hands up under her skirt, sliding two fingers under the line of her panties.

“And you’re wet as fuck,” I mumbled into her mouth. “You’re hot for your man, aren’t you?”

She smiled through the kiss. “It’s the wine… maybe the ring too.”

I pulled back and looked her deep in the eye. “You’re going to be Mrs. Evan Marshall. Is it still sinking in? Are you wetter now?”

She ran the back of her hand with the engagement ring down my chest and pressed the diamond against my groin. “Keep kissing me like that, and it’s a promise.”

“Who’s getting naughty with the convenient weapon now?”

“You started it with all your kinky gadgets, baby.”

“And you love it, Sam.”

“Maybe I do,” she purred.

“Admit it before I bend you over my knee.”

“And how do you know that’s not exactly what I want?” she asked, twirling a strand of hair around her fingers.

“Christ, let’s make it quick before someone comes looking for us.”

She giggled, working at my fly with quick fingers. She fumbled around in my shorts, pulling out my rigid length and stroking it. “I can manage that. Can you?”

I gulped. “I’ll sure as hell try.”

Samantha gasped, throwing her head back when I buried two fingers deep inside her. She gripped my shaft and started stroking, already breathing heavily. Pulling away, she turned to face the bed and lifted her skirt. “Get them off me and take me like this.”

I got them off her, all right, though she wouldn’t be able to wear them again. I ripped them clear off her skin and stuffed the torn shreds into my pocket. Positioning myself behind her, I gripped her hips and pressed the tip of my cock at her slick opening. She groaned and pushed back before I could make my first thrust. I was inside her tight channel and loving the feel of every inch as she clenched around me like a vice. I moved more fluidly with each stroke, and Samantha pushed back onto my length, finding a rhythm that only lasted until my hand reached around and began strumming on her clit.

She got on her tiptoes and arched her back, letting out a loud moan.

“Shhh…” I reminded her, spanking her gently.

Releasing one hand from the bed, she covered her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure. She was about to come. I took the signal and amped up the pace for her benefit, and sure, for mine too. I let go of any concern for the intense pressure at the base of my cock, and my eyes shut tight as I came with her.

We climbed into the tiny bed afterward, stretching out to catch our breath. I gasped for air, staring up at the ceiling of my childhood bedroom. NFL dreams were born right here in this room and now, years later, some new dreams were being fulfilled.

I could have drifted off to sleep with Samantha in my arms, but we got ourselves put back together in the upstairs bathroom before saying our farewell to the partygoers for the night.

Time to get home and start the next stage of our lives together.

Time to make her happy that she said yes.

Time to win big.

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