Win Big:A Bad Boy Sports Romance(4)

By: Bella Love-Wins

“Yes sir,” she agreed, giving me a salute.


She slid out of her cutoffs, turning around and bending at the waist so I could see her ass. It was just as firm and perky as the rest of her. The breath caught in my throat when I realized she wasn’t wearing a stitch of underwear.

“Naughty girl,” I groaned, shaking my head. I grabbed a condom and stepped up behind her. I pulled her ass to me, grinding against it. “What do you think happens to naughty girls?”

“I hope naughty girls get punished.” She was still bent over, her hands on the bed, pressing her ass back as I slid against her. She was hot and already soaking wet for me. Chicks like this who knew what I was into always were.

“You definitely do.” I smacked her ass, not too hard but enough to make her yelp from the surprise, and a bit from the pain. I was throbbing and ready at the sound. “You like that, don’t you? Because you’re so nasty.” I smacked the other cheek, and this time, she didn’t sound pained. She sounded excited.

“Fuck. Yes, Evan. Spank me hard. I’ve been so bad,” she moaned, flipping her hair over one shoulder to look back at me.

I spanked her again, and again, getting a bit more turned on each time as she moaned louder and begged for more. I wanted to get her good and hot so when I slid inside, she would be tight and pulsing. That was the best feeling.

“Tell me how much you want it,” I ordered, laying the flat of my hand against her ass.

“God, I want it so bad. Please.” She pushed back against my rigid length pressing against her opening. I felt her heat, her wetness, pulling me in. Promising my dick a taste of paradise.

I spanked her once more, a nice solid hit, and she cried out like she could come any second already. That was my cue. I rolled on the condom, lined myself up with her entrance, and slid inside.

“Yes,” she breathed out, tightening like a fist around my length.

I pulled back and entered her again and again, taking her hard and fast. She didn’t stop crying out, begging me to keep fucking her. She buried her face into the sheets and let my cock have its way with her. She was so tiny and tight, all this action could milk me dry, but I held on and kept going. When she started spreading her ass cheeks with her hands and pushing back against me, I couldn’t handle it. My cock fit her core like a glove. I was so close, and soon it was agony to hold back what had built up in my balls. I took her waist in my hands and held her steady while I took her with hard, sharp strokes. Her firm ass shook with every thrust and my balls bounced against her clit. We both grunted in pleasure as I got closer.

“Evan…oh God.” She clenched like a vice around my shaft, then a wave of ripples from her inner walls gave my cock a sweet and sexy massage when she finally came.

All that stimulation took me right to my orgasm too. I didn’t fight it anymore. I gave in to the release that I’d been craving ever since she bared her breasts and bent over for me. If she felt like hanging around later, I could rock her world again if nothing else was going on. I roared through this explosive release, feeling like a boss, burying myself deeper and enjoying her pulsating core around me, and that sexy whimpering sound she made. When it died down, I slid out and took a breath.

She crawled up onto the bed and fell on her side, gasping and moaning like she had no idea what just happened to her. I couldn’t help smiling to myself, the way this cutie looked completely overcome after something this tame.

“Be right back.” I walked to the bathroom, still wearing my t-shirt and shorts, and cleaned myself up. When I got back to my bedroom, Tina was in my bed, under the covers. “What are you doing?”

“Recovering. Don’t you want to join me?”

“You want to stay there?”

She sat up, holding the covers over herself. “Don’t you?”

I shook my head. “Not really. There’s still a party happening downstairs.”

“Oh.” I watched her face fall. She seemed to have confused the word sex with sleeping together. I’d never told her we were actually sleeping together. No one but me slept in my bed. Plus the night had just begun. It wasn’t even midnight.

“Go on and get dressed. I’ll meet you downstairs.” I shut the door and went down to join the others. A plastic cup found its way to my hand without me even asking for it, and before I knew it, we were pounding beers and celebrating our last two nights of freedom before class started on Tuesday.

I never did see Tina again that night. I didn’t even think about her again until the party wound down and I took another girl to my room, a girl whose name I never did get.

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