Win Big:A Bad Boy Sports Romance(2)

By: Bella Love-Wins

He scoffed. “You’ll ace it because you’re one of the best wide receivers in the SEC. And I’m right up there. Of course we were invited.”

I grinned, pushing through my set with him standing over me. “I know. I just wanted to hear you say it.”

Chad Worthington, who played the center and tackle positions depending on who was on the field, looked over at us from the treadmill, where he was barely jogging. He was already in a pissed off mood for whatever reason. “It’s not bad enough we have to show off for the scouts all year long,” Chad grumbled. “We have to compete against everybody else, just for the scouts and advisors to pick us all over again.”

“Who’s this ‘we’ you keep talking about?” I called out to him. Chad’s family was loaded. He’d end up a multi-millionaire at minimum even if he did nothing all through college. “You’re going corporate when you graduate, Mr. Moneybags.”

“Only if I don’t get drafted, dumbass. You think I’d work my tail off at college football just for kicks?”

“You’ll make it,” Slade said, cutting us off. “But whatever you do, make sure you got your prenup all signed and shit. Any woman who you get with is in for some serious greenbacks, no matter how much she tells you she’s with you for your hero hair.”

“Yeah whatever, bud. Ever since you got with that Cassidy cheerleader chick, you’ve been acting like someone died and made you the love guru.”

“Watch your mouth about my woman, bro,” Slade sounded out. “I’m getting my workout here in the gym. I don’t want to have to kick your ass too.”

“Good, because I don’t need no romance advice. Evan might, with all the freaky deaky shit he’s into. Right, Evan?”

“Don’t knock it till you try it.”

“Oh I ain’t ever going there. You and all that equipment you’re into… whips, chains, electrical shit, vibrators and ball gags. What the fuck, man? And that harness shit set up in your room. What the hell do you do with that, bang the livestock round town?”

“He’s been real baaaaaaaad,” Slade sang out, bleating like a sheep.

“Very fucking funny,” I answered as he and everyone around were laughing their asses off. That shit didn’t bother me. My sexual preferences were just that…preferences. Some people liked it, and some didn’t. Personally, I loved getting my freak on. “I’ll be flying my kinky flag all day long, fellas. The freakier the better. Anyhow, stop changing the subject and get your fat asses working harder. Every single one of you is soft in the belly from all that holiday stuffing.”

I was all about trying to pick up the pace at the gym, which was why I pushed those slackers between my sets. It didn’t go well. By the end of our workout, they were shooting me dirty looks.

“Pussies,” I muttered, walking to the shower. Then, louder, “Come on, bitches. Work hard, play harder! Don’t forget that party at the frat house is in a few hours.” That picked up everybody’s moods, and by the time we went back to the frat house, the guys were energetic and excited again.

“Take it easy on them,” Slade said, pulling me aside when we got back. “They don’t all have the combine like we probably will. They took off over the holidays. So what? It’s the offseason.”

“What the hell is wrong with you, man? Maybe we need to change your nickname from Slaughter to Cuddles or something. You can’t be the Slade I used to know, the one who pushed us all way past our limits. We used to bitch together all the time over the way we felt like we carried the team. Now you’re good with letting them slack off like that? These kids need that Slade, not this teddy bear I seem to be talking to right now.”

“Chill the fuck out, man. We all need a break after we worked our asses off for those bowl game wins. You included. Give them a week or two to settle in, then by all means kick their asses and whip them into shape.” He grinned for a second. “Just don’t go enjoying that last part too much.”

I tried to brush it off, but it irked me for a while. Well, only right up until the girls started showing up for the party. Cassidy was there with Slade, Jo and Chris, the cornerback, made a late appearance for a few minutes, and those two couples pretty much went off in their own worlds. Some of other guys with girls they were pretty serious about hung around out here and there.

“Hey, you.” I was too busy being annoyed by the way my friends all got whipped that I almost missed this cute brunette who had sat down next to me with a red plastic cup in her hand. “You look lonely.”

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