When Life Happened(147)

By: Jewel E. Ann

No more questions. No more explanations. Levi just wanted the girl for all the reasons every idiot before him failed to see. That was his motto. One of his mottos.

Parker pulled her phone out of her pocket, swiped her finger over it several times, and tossed it on the bed as Taylor Swift’s “This Love” started to play. She slipped out of her clothes, down to her white cotton bra and panties.

“Dance with me, Levi.”

“It’s late.”

“It’s our song.”

He chuckled. “It’s not.”

She slipped off her bra letting the strap hang from her finger for a second before releasing it to the floor.

He wet his lips and eased out of bed. She wrapped her arms around his neck, breasts pressed to his chest. His hands palmed her backside. They both grinned. Blue eyes locked on blue eyes. The lyrics told their story as they danced in a slow circle.

“Tell me what you said to me before we walked down the aisle at the chapel.”

Levi ducked his head and brushed his lips along her neck. “I’ve said it a million times,” he whispered, drawing her earlobe into his mouth.

Her fingers found their spot in his hair as she closed her eyes. “And I’ve loved hearing it a million times …”

“Marry me, Parker. This girl once told me that a ballad makes you feel like you’re the entire reason for another’s existence …”

Levi’s hands slid up her back and into her hair, bringing her lips a breath away from his. “You’re the ballad of my life.”

The End


Thank you to my husband and three boys. I love our life together!

Thanks to my mom and sister for drudging through my words at their absolute worst and still seeing their potential—and for inspiring unbreakable bonds between mothers, daughters, and sisters.

Thank you to my best friend, Jyl, for keeping Jule grounded. : )

Thank you to Shauna, my queen of names and sharer of thinky thoughts.

Thank you to Jenn, my assistant, graphic designer, sounding board, and friend. You make me look and feel 100x more successful than I am.

Thank you to my Jonesies Facebook group. You are my people and I will forever adore you!

Thank you to my editor, Max, for your words of wisdom, even if they come in the form of “fuck you” at the plot twist.

Thank you to my beta readers and the rest of my editing team (Sherri, Monique, & Allison) for sacrificing your enjoyment of the story for the greater good.

Thank you, Sarah Hansen, for another beautiful cover. Once again, you nailed it!

Thank you, Jenn Watson and everyone at Social Butterfly for promoting this release. Your knowledge and patience has been invaluable.

Thank you to Paul with BB ebooks for always—ALWAYS—having the best customer service. It’s a pleasure to work with you.

And last but never least, thank you to the readers, bloggers, critics, cheerleaders … I still can’t believe you let me take you on these journeys.

Today is my favorite day!

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