Wanted by the Devil(6)

By: Joanna Blake

Dev hated stuff like that though. It wasn't what the club was about. It was supposed to be a brotherhood of guys with their own code. They had a set of rules and morals that worked, outside and set apart from the rest of society. The average rule following American was a sheep, but the Spawn were the wolves.

Sure, getting hammered was a right of passage for the guys and a way to blow off steam. But not every night. And hurting each other was wasteful- they had enough enemies in the state who were willing to do it for them- on both sides of the law.

He pushed aside the thought of the local law enforcement- Sheriff Dooley in particular had a hard on for Devlin. His second in command Officer Grant was just as bad. He now got facetious parking tickets on a weekly basis. He often found himself with a tail when he was out on his bike. It had forced him to slow down his breakneck pace considerably. But nothing was going to ruin today. He was going to help Kaylie celebrate her graduation and introduce her to the club and their old ladies. Sure it was fast, but he'd been laying the groundwork for years. He'd made his decision. And it was obvious to him that Kaylie was on board with it.

He grinned, imagining her wearing his jacket- and nothing else. Her hot little body had felt so good pressed against him last night- all warmth and sweet innocence. Well, for now anyway. He didn’t bother pretending he’d let her stay innocent for long. He wasn't a man used to denying himself. Definitely not when it came to women.

This wasn't going to be easy.

Then again, nothing worth doing ever was.

He pulled up to her house and parked his bike. Before he could even climb out she was coming out the door looking like sunshine and promises. He felt an odd feeling in the pit of his stomach as she came toward him in a pair of cut off jean shorts and a pretty floral blouse. When she got closer he saw the strap of a bikini top peeking out from around her neck. It was yellow and white gingham.

Damn but she looked fine!

He had the sudden feeling that he might be the one who was out of his depth, not the innocent 18 year old virgin walking toward him. She moved so gracefully, her sweet little body swaying in an unconsciously seductive way. He swallowed, his mouth feeling dry.

She stared up at him trustingly with her big brown eyes while he fitted her helmet over her soft golden brown waves. He couldn't help but brush his hand over the softness of her cheek before helping her onto the bike and climbing on in front of her. He lifted his hand, waving to the woman watching them from the stoop. She waved back with a stoic expression on her face.

It was a good thing he'd been working on Mrs. Thomas for a few years now. He'd made sure the woman hadn't lifted a bag of groceries from the first day he'd noticed Kaylie. She was a smart woman. She knew it wasn't a bad thing to be connected to the club in this town. She'd never have to deal with a flat tire, or a bothersome neighbor. They'd take care of everything for her.

He grinned to himself as he pulled away from the curb. Kaylie arms snaked around toward his stomach sending a jolt of arousal straight through him. It wasn't a bad exchange at all.


He hadn't told her where they were going and she hadn't asked. It only occurred to her how odd that was after they'd been riding for a half an hour. She'd been too absorbed by the sensation of the bike, the scenery, and him. Most of all him.

It didn't really matter anyway. If he wanted to surprise her, she'd let him. Even if she wanted to ask him, it would have to wait until he pulled over. There was no way he would hear her over the rumble of the bike.

It was the sort of thing that should make her hate traveling this way. Clinging to him, with zero control over where they were going, how far or how fast. But she didn't hate it at all.

She loved it.

It surprised her how much she loved it. The speed, the smell, the incredible riskiness of it all. But most of all, she loved that she wasn't riding alone. They were together. Fused into one. She trusted him implicitly. Maybe it was foolish, but it was true.

They'd left town far behind already and were heading through endless fields of corn and other crops. She felt her curiosity rise again. There was nothing out this way, unless he planned on taking her over the state line. What was he up to?

It was another ten minutes or so before she realized where they were going. The lake. The County Fair. Child like excitement flowed through her. If she could have jumped up and down, she would have.

It had been years since she'd been to the County Fair. It was easily an hour away and her mother didn't have the time or money to travel for frivolous reasons. Kaylie had always loved the little day trips they'd taken as a family, when her father was still alive. It had been a yearly event for them. After he passed though, the trips had stopped. A lot of things had stopped.

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