Wanted by the Devil(3)

By: Joanna Blake

I wonder if they'll follow me onto campus?

She giggled at the thought of bikers parked outside her lecture hall and slipped into her pink rayon uniform. Mae's was old school. She didn't mind though. The retro waitress uniform did look pretty cute on her.


She poured another cup of coffee for the trucker at the end of the counter. It was already past the end of her shift, nearly 11 o'clock. The whole place would be shut down already if they didn't have one last customer. Charlie, the line cook, was already shut down for the night and only waiting for her out of courtesy. The staff were all very protective of her, especially since she’d started working the late shift.

Kaylie sighed and rested her face in the palm of her hand. It had been an uneventful evening. No sign of him tonight. Mae and Sally the afternoon waitress had both left a few hours ago leaving Kaylie with no one to talk to. She’d restocked the entire diner and even read a few chapters of the new book she’d borrowed from the library. But now she was starting to long for bed.

She thought about drinking some coffee herself but she knew she'd be up half the night if she did. She nursed the chocolate milkshake she'd made for herself earlier instead. Everything was already wiped down. She wanted to go home.

Finally the trucker got up and left, putting a few bucks on the counter. Kaylie put the money into the register, pocketed the tip (35 cents) and ran a rag over the spot where the coffee cup had been. Charlie had already put the cup and saucer in the dishwasher so they were out of there in two minutes flat.

She waved goodbye to Charlie and stepped onto the sidewalk, pulling her old wooly cardigan closed in the front to keep warm. It might be June, but it still got cold at night sometimes. It was eerily quiet too, making her look around for her usual motorcycle escort. They were nowhere to be seen at the moment.

She sighed and stepped out onto the sidewalk, turning the corner off the main road.

"Need a ride?"

Kaylie stopped dead in her tracks. Leaning against his bike was a very handsome, very clean shaven, very wrapped in leather and tight jeans Devlin McRae.

Her heart stopped. She stood there dumbfounded before she remembered to take a breath. Inhale. Exhale. In and out. In and out…

Had he been waiting for her?


He grinned and looked up at her from under that lock of blond hair that always seemed to be falling just so over one eye. Her stomach dropped nervously at the come hither look in his green eyes.

Bedroom eyes. So that's what that meant.

He had definitely been waiting for her.


She swallowed nervously, wishing she had drank a cup of coffee after all. Maybe she'd be quick witted instead of standing there like a dullard when the most beautiful, and by far the most dangerous man she'd ever laid eyes on was - what? Asking her out?

No. Not out. He was offering her a ride. That was it. No big deal, right?

It felt like a very big deal. Too big a deal for her to say anything clever certainly.

He didn't seem put off by her silence though. He just held out his hand. There was a helmet in his other hand. For her.

"Don't worry, I'll go slow."

She could have sworn there was something sensual in his smirk as she saw herself putting her hand into his. He wasn't just talking about the bike. He was talking about… other things. She stared up at him as he slid the helmet over her head, locking the chin strap into place. He ran his thumb over her cheek as she blinked up at him, completely under his spell.

Snap out of it girl!

Before she knew it she was behind him, her legs straddling the bike, with her skirt pushed up her thighs. Her arms wrapped tentatively around his taught midriff. Even through the worn leather jacket she could feel his muscles. He had a lot of muscles.

"Hold on."

She tightened her grip as he revved the motor and took off. Her cheek was pressed against his shoulder, and suddenly she could smell him. He smelled like oil, leather and something else she couldn’t quite put her finger on. But overall he smelled masculine. Very, very masculine. The rumbling of the bike underneath her felt odd, making her all tingly inside.

Had she been cold before? Because suddenly she was burning up.


They rode around the outskirts of town before he headed back toward her house, clearly taking the long way. He pulled over a few blocks from home and turned the bike off. He turned his head and glanced at her over his shoulder.

"Do you need to go right home?"

She shook her head 'no.' Even though she knew her mother would worry if she took too long. Even though she had no idea what Devlin wanted, or anything about him really.

That wasn't exactly true though was it? She did know. She knew he wanted her and she knew he was protective. And tough. But he was always sweet to her. That's all that mattered, right?

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