Unbound (Forbidden Bond Book 1)(3)

By: Cat Miller

“No. I’m fine, but I had a terrible dream. I’m afraid this time of joy is about to end for us. We are about to be separated.” She shivered and winced with the pain the movement caused her battered body.

Tessa was what humans referred to as psychic. She dreamt of things yet to come and regularly had feelings about people or things that proved amazingly insightful. She usually knew when Griffin needed to leave to meet his parents before suspicions arose. She knew little things, such as a phone that would soon ring, and bigger things, like when he would need to leave her for a time. That prediction was the last thing Griffin wanted to hear. He would not leave his family. The thought nearly broke him. He watched a single tear slide down Tessa’s too-pale cheek.

Just then, the door flew open and Griffin jumped to his feet, turning so fast to shield their child that Tessa couldn’t even follow his movements. In the doorway stood Mason, Griffin’s lifelong best friend. He was the only person who knew about Tessa and their situation. He had helped hide Tessa and had procured a midwife with knowledge of both human and vampire births to assist with the delivery.

“We have a problem. Griffin, you need to come with me now, or they will come looking for you,” Mason quickly explained.

“Who will come looking for him?” Tessa demanded.

“The council,” Mason replied. “I believe they may know.”

“That’s not possible! We’ve been very careful!” Griffin argued.

“I’m afraid the midwife has broken her vow of silence. It seems there’s more money to be made by talking to the right people. We have to leave now, Griffin,” Mason growled. “We will deal with her treachery later.”

Stunned by the news, Griffin handed the baby to Tessa after kissing her tiny forehead and gently brushing his hand over the white streaks in her hair. Then he brushed his lips over Tessa’s and promised, “I will be back as soon as I can. I love you both more than my own life.” He kissed her sweetly one more time and ran out the door, eyes glistening.

Tessa watched Griffin leave, and the nightmare of just moments ago returned to her in a painful rush. She’d dreamt of being ripped away from Griffin, and no matter how she fought, she just couldn’t hold on to him. Tessa knew it wasn’t just a dream; it was a premonition. Mason was watching her with a remorseful expression. He dropped the small duffel bag he had carried with him onto the end of her bed. He stepped forward and bent to kiss the sleeping babe on the head.

“I’m so very sorry about this, Tessa. I hope this will help. It’s the very least I can do for you and my godchild. Please open it quickly and leave as soon as possible. There will be a car waiting for you outside.” He left, closing the door softly.

Tessa opened the bag and retrieved a letter placed on top of stacks of cash and a gun. Still in shock, she opened the letter and, as she read it, began to cry.

 Several months later…

 Griffin was losing his grip on sanity. He’d been searching for his missing mate and their baby for months. He’d had a hell of a fight with his parents the day Soleil was born. They wanted the baby, but he didn’t know why, since they were adamant that admitting a human into their family was unacceptable. Griffin didn’t want to believe they would have his child murdered. They would likely hide his baby girl from the prying eyes of vampire society. They wouldn’t want their house name tainted by a half-breed baby. His mate, on the other hand, would likely not fare as well. To buy him some time to move his family, Griffin promised to go get the baby and bring her back for their inspection. The midwife who’d betrayed his trust had disappeared, and he had to relocate his family before his parents found her, because she’d delivered the baby in their home. They had no idea where he and Tessa had been living since their mating. He had a separate property purchased in Mason’s name. He’d finally made it home hours after leaving his weak mate to fend for herself with a newborn vampire who was, so far, refusing to suckle her human mother’s breast. Griffin feared what he would find in the condo. What he did find was worse than anything he ever could have imagined: Tessa and their baby were gone. They’d just disappeared. Griffin destroyed his condo in a blind rage directed at his meddling parents. He could feel the warm buzz of his mate’s soul in the back of his mind, but he could no longer reach her. The connection their bond had created became weaker with distance, but they were in love, so it never mattered to Griffin. Their emotional connection was stronger than blood. But that hadn’t helped him find her in the months that had passed since that day. The longer they were apart, the more Griffin questioned Tessa’s safety. At times, he felt her and knew she was safe—sad and lonely, but safe. Other times, he feared his heart was playing tricks on his mind.

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