Tre's Temptations(7)

By: Stormy Glenn

Tre lifted on eyebrow in query as he tried to hold on to his temper. Anger didn’t seem to be the way to go with Dennis. He needed a gentler touch. “Mostly?”

Dennis’s cute carrot eyebrows drew together, his pert little nose wrinkling as he frowned. “He’s tried to corner me a couple of times.”

The anger Tre had been trying to hold in roared to life. “Did he touch you?”

The flush that reddened Dennis’s cheeks told the truth before the man even opened his mouth. “He just grabbed me. I was always able to get away before he did anything else.”

“But he tried, didn’t he?”

The look of mortification in Dennis’s grass-green eyes when he raised them was one that never should have been there. “I told him no, sir. I swear I did.”

Tre gripped Dennis’s chin in his hand, holding his head still so the man couldn’t look away from him. Dennis needed to know Tre spoke the truth. “You have nothing to be ashamed of. If you told him no, that should have been the end of it.”

“He said I was playing hard to get,” Dennis insisted. “He said I was being a bad omega because I was refusing him, and that was my duty to accept him as his mate.” Dennis hiccupped. “He wanted to have sex.”

Tre’s instincts told him to hold Dennis close and never let him go. He had learned to rely on his instincts by the time he was old enough to realize his father was the pride alpha and he was nothing more than his illegitimate son.

Tre pulled Dennis to him, tucking the man’s head into his throat. He smoothed his hand down Dennis’s back to his hip and then back up again. Speaking in a low tone, he said, “Now, you listen to me, Dennis. Omegas are very rare. They are the glue that holds a pride together. They make the alpha more approachable and act as the go-between for pride members afraid to approach the alpha. They create feelings of peace and calm wherever they go. It is not your duty to see to the sexual needs of any member of the pride.”

“I know that,” Denis whispered. “Elder Hamilton told me that, but Nyle just won’t listen. I explained it all to him the first time he cornered me. He didn’t care. He said that in the Blackthorn Pride, omegas were meant for one thing.” Dennis shuddered. “I don’t want to do that.”

“And you won’t.” Tre would make sure Nyle understood that, or the cat would be missing one of his nine lives. “It is the duty of the pride to care for omegas and protect them from all harm. If they don’t understand that, I would be more than happy to explain it to them”—Tre ground his teeth together when his fangs threatened to drop down—“in great detail.”

For some reason, Tre had thought that the perverse beliefs of his rat bastard father had died with him. Sure, there had been some followers here and there that needed to be take care of, but he hadn’t expected to encounter it with his own mate or in his own pride.

Considering how he had ended up alpha of the Blackthorn Pride, that had been a stupid assumption on his part. He didn’t want to take anything away from his brother Reece and his mate Šílené, but the next time he saw his brother, Tre was going to punch him right in the mouth, and then shake his hand for giving him an opportunity to meet his mate.

The punch in the mouth came first.

“The other thing I want you to remember, Dennis, is that you are now the alpha-mate of Blackthorn Pride. No one may touch you. To do so will incur my wrath.”

Dennis’s head popped up. His eyes were round and owlish on his pale freckled face. “Really?”

Tre grinned. “Really.”

Dennis blinked a few times before a smile started to spread across his lips. “This is so cool.”

Tre laughed. His mate was freaking adorable. “I’m so glad you think so.”

Dennis settled back against him, his head resting on Tre’s shoulder. He was a lot more relaxed this time. Tre didn’t miss the fact that Dennis’s fingers plucked at the edges of his shirt. He was pretty sure Dennis wasn’t even aware he was doing it.

“What now?” Dennis asked.

“Now, we wait for Boston to bring you something to cover up with and then I will take you upstairs to get cleaned up. Once that’s done, I’d like it if you joined me for lunch.”

“Um…” Grass-green eyes peered up at him. “You know you don’t have to ask, right? You’re the alpha.”

“Not with you, I’m not,” Tre countered. “With you, I am merely your mate.”


Dennis asked that a lot. It was as if the man didn’t understand his own worth. Tre knew that was something he would have to change. “There will be times when you will have to do as I say for your own safety and well-being, but yes. I am, first and foremost, your mate.”

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