Tre's Temptations(6)

By: Stormy Glenn

“What sort of incident?” Tre asked as he came back around the desk and sat down.

“I discovered a pride member searching the upstairs bedrooms, specifically, your bedroom.”

“You discovered what?” Tre snapped.

Dennis swallowed fearfully when he felt Tre’s thighs go hard as the man stiffened. He could feel the anger rolling off the big alpha and prayed it didn’t get turned in his direction. It wouldn’t be the first time an enraged alpha had used him as an outlet for his anger.

He had kind of figured that would all stop once he had been taken under Elder Hamilton’s protection, but he could be mistaken. Tre Marshall had seemed like a good alpha from everything he had heard, but he had been wrong about stuff like that before as well.

“I left some papers on my nightstand and went up to retrieve them,” Boston said. “I saw your door open and I know you never leave it open. When I went to investigate, I saw Nyle searching your room. When I questioned him, he started going on about trying to find his mate.”

Dennis’s head snapped up. Anger ignited in his belly. He tugged on Tre’s pant leg until the man scooted back and looked down at him. “I am not that asshole’s mate, no matter what he says.”

Tre’s eyebrows rose for about half a second then snapped down over his eyes. “He thinks you’re his mate?”

“He’s been following me around since the day I got here. No matter how many times I tell him I’m not interested, he keeps insisting that we belong together.”

As he got grabbed by his arms and yanked out from under the desk, it became clear to Dennis that he shouldn’t have let his anger dictate his words. He should have considered the situation he was in and chosen his words just a little more carefully.

“Mine!” Tre snarled as he pulled Dennis to his chest, fisted a hand in his hair, and yanked his head to one side. Dennis’s entire body when ramrod stiff as Tre’s sharp fangs slid into his skin, the powerful alpha reasserting his claim on Dennis.

Dennis shuddered as his body became inflamed, igniting one second, burning to an inferno the next. He almost cried out in protest when the man extracted his teeth, but then Tre’s dark eyes bored down into his, mesmerizing him.

“Sir.” The tone was desperate and needy, but Dennis couldn’t help it. He was desperate and needy.


One word, one simple word, and it had the power to make Dennis fly. He cried out as his body tightened and then released, drenching the front of Tre’s shirt. The caress of the man’s hand down over his ass told Dennis his actions pleased his alpha.

Could an omega want anything more than that?

* * * *

“What do you have there, Tre?”

Tre growled as he lifted his gaze from the spent man in his arms to his second-in-command. The only reason Boston was still breathing was because Tre knew the beta didn’t understand the dangerous ground he had just entered.

“My mate,” Tre growled.

Boston’s eyes bugged as they dropped to Dennis. “Seriously?”


Just as quickly as Boston’s eyes had gone to Dennis, they darted away. The man was making an effort to look anywhere except at the nearly naked man in Tre’s arms. “Congratulations, Alpha Marshall. I wish you and your alpha-mate all the best.”

Some of his anger fading, Tre nodded at the man. “Thank you.”

“Can I get you anything?” Boston asked. “Some food, coffee…a blanket?”

Tre chuckled. “A blanket would be nice. Thank you, Boston.”

Boston spun and was gone before Tre could say another word. The powerful beta hurried away as if running for his life. If he had continued to look at Dennis, he might have been.

In that moment, Tre realized he was a possessive bastard. He didn’t want anyone seeing his mate either naked or in the throes of passion. That temptation was his and his alone. Just as Dennis was his alone.

“Tell me about Nyle.” He had to know whether he needed to kill the man or not.

Dennis, who was relaxed against Tre a moment before, went stiff as a board. “What about him?”

Tre growled.

“He’s a member of your pride,” Dennis said quickly.

“I gathered that,” Tre replied. “What I want to know is why he has such a hard-on for my mate.”

“I don’t know.”

Some of Tre’s anger fizzled out when he saw the truth in Dennis’s eyes. The man truly did not know why Nyle was after him. “Tell me about him,” Tre encouraged in a softer voice. “What has he said to you?”

“Mostly he just goes on and on about us being mates.”

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