Tre's Temptations(5)

By: Stormy Glenn

Their hearts racing, the two men remained in place as Tre pulsed again and again into Dennis. As the last drop shot from both of them, Tre collapsed on top of Dennis, their breath mingling as they panted.

“Fuck me,” Tre panted as he met eyes as green as grass and as wide as an entire football field. The sweetest smell imaginable drifted through the air and wrapped around him like a lover. “You’re my mate.”

Chapter Two

This wasn’t supposed to happen, not to him. He was simply supposed to be here to help Tre Marshall acclimate to being alpha of a pride more fucked up than the deepest depths of hell. He wasn’t supposed to mate with the man.

Elder Hamilton was going to have a stroke.

Maybe if Dennis had known Tre couldn’t scent him, he could have persuaded the man not to claim him. Now, he didn’t know what to do. “If you couldn’t scent me, why didn’t you say something before now?”

Everyone knew an alpha couldn’t smell their mate before they claimed them. That was the key way for an alpha to discover who their mate was, the lack of scent.

Tre snorted. “Baby, the only thing I could smell since the moment I met you was lust. Until about two seconds ago, I had no idea I couldn’t smell you.”

“Oh.” Dennis frowned as the implications of those words washed over him. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m not.” Tre’s grin was a lot more easygoing than Dennis felt. “My question is, why didn’t you scent me?”

Dennis shrugged. “I think I kind of did, but I didn’t know what it meant. I just knew I had to…” Dennis’s face burned bright red.

“Is that why you sucked my dick?”

Dennis nodded, really hoping they could drop this line of conversation. He glanced up, making sure he didn’t meet the powerful alpha’s gaze head-on. That would be disrespectful…and it could hurt if Tre got pissed. Instead, Dennis looked just past the man’s shoulder.

He felt a nervous knot form in his gut. He had expected to come in here and do some paperwork, maybe a little filing. Coffee at the very least. He hadn’t expected to be claimed as someone’s mate. Hell, not even someone…the someone.

He had been claimed by the alpha.

“I need to go.” He had no idea where he would go, just that he needed to go.

“You can’t leave, Dennis.”

“Watch me.” Dennis pushed off the desk and started moving around it.

“You’re naked, Dennis.”


Dennis scanned the office, looking for something he could use to cover himself. When his eyes landed on Tre, the alpha simply lifted an eyebrow at him. He sat back in his chair as casual as he could be considering what had just happened between them, and the fact that Dennis was standing there naked.

Dennis was almost insulted.

“Dennis, you—”

Dennis jumped when someone pounded on the door again. Fear spiked through him. He raced back to Tre’s side of the desk, dropped down, and then climbed back under the desk. He reached back and grabbed the tattered remains of his clothes and pulled them under the desk with him. He didn’t reach for the zipper of Tre’s pants this time.

“Settled?” Tre asked.

Dennis glanced up to find Tre peering down at him. He nodded, still wishing he had something to cover himself up with. He felt exposed, and that wasn’t just from being naked.

Tre twisted around in his chair, coming back a moment later with a brown and grayish knitted button down sweater. “Here, put this on.”

It wasn’t a color Dennis ever would have picked out for himself, but he was grateful for anything at this point. He quickly slid his arms into the long sleeves before rolling them up and then buttoning it up all the way. He pulled his knees up to his chest and then yanked the hem of the sweater down over them until it went to his ankles. He looked like a two-year-old playing dress up, but at least he was covered.

“Come,” Tre called out as he scooted in to the desk a bit more.

The handle jiggled, but the door didn’t open. Tre cursed as he got up and walked across the room and unlocked the door. Dennis held his breath when the door opened. He prayed it wasn’t Nyle. He didn’t know how much longer he would be able to hide without the irritating cat finding him. He was like a dog with a bone or a cat with…something. No matter how many times Dennis said he wasn’t interested, Nyle insisted on chasing after him. The man was insane. It was as simple as that.

“There’s been an incident, Tre.”

Dennis blew out the breath he had been holding. It wasn’t Nyle. Boston was much better. Granted, the large beta seemed to be amused by Dennis more than anything, but he didn’t try to force himself onto Dennis like Nyle did. He kept his distance after Dennis had made it clear he wasn’t interested in anything happening between them.

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