Tre's Temptations(4)

By: Stormy Glenn

Dennis’s cock twitched. “Yes, sir.”

Tre’s mind took a sudden left turn. “Have you ever been spanked, Dennis?”

“Sp–spanked, sir?”

“Yes,” Tre replied as an idea began to form. He stood up so he could get a good look at Dennis’s face when he answered. “Have you ever had your sweet little ass reddened by the flat of a lover’s hand?”

Dennis’s face flushed. “No…no lover, sir.”

Hot damn.

Tre slid his lubed hand down between Dennis’s butt cheeks, circling that perfect little hole with his finger. Simultaneously, he slid one finger past the tight ring of muscles and slapped the man on the ass cheek with his other hand.

Dennis went off like a geyser, crying out as a thick stream of pearly white cum shot out of his dick before splattering all over the man’s abdomen. Mesmerized, Tre slapped him again. Dennis’s cock jerked and another stream of cum shot out. Tre thrust a second finger into Dennis’s ass. Dennis cried again, his entire body shuddering. Another, smaller spurt of cum shot out of his dick.

“Fuck me,” Tre whispered as his body flooded with lust. Dennis was every sexual fantasy he had ever had all rolled into one sexy little package.

Tre scissored his fingers as he pushed them into Dennis and then pulled them almost all of the way out. He did this again and again until he could get a third and then fourth finger into the man. He wasn’t massive but he wasn’t small either. This was Dennis’s first time. He wanted the man to remember it with fondness, not pain.

“Please, sir. Please, fuck me.”

Oh my god, he’s begging. Tre was going to lose what was left of his mind. He grabbed the bottle of lube and squeezed. He probably squeezed out too much, but who the fuck cared? After slathering up his dick, Tre spread the rest of the lube around Dennis’s quivering hole, even pushing some inside the man.

He grabbed Dennis and pulled him to the edge of the desk. He guided his cock and rubbed it down between Dennis’s ass cheeks until his cock caught on the man’s tight ring of muscles. Once his cock was in place, he reached up and held Dennis’s thighs, his fingers digging deep.

“Are you ready for me, Dennis?” Tre asked. It wasn’t exactly too far to back out if the man said no, but it sure would suck.

“Please, sir.”

A spurt of hungry desire spiraled thorough Tre at Dennis’s plea. He pressed forward. The head of his fat cock popped inside. He thrust deeper. Tre groaned as his cock was enveloped in tight, wet heat.

Tre began to move inside of Dennis once his cock was completely buried, slowly at first, pulling almost completely out and then pushing it back in, taunting Dennis with what he wanted.

He released Dennis’s thigh, his hand lowering to play with Dennis’s stiff dick. He thumbed the head of Dennis’s dick, giving each stroke that sly twist that made his heart sing. He was overwhelmed by the heated tightness surrounding his hard shaft and the look of pure ecstasy on Dennis’s face.

His body tingled with his need to come. This was the first time he had ever been at the point of losing control with anyone so quickly. His cock pulsed in Dennis’s ass. He could feel his spunk rising, ready to shoot, and he couldn’t wait to get off inside his lover.

He grabbed Dennis’s hips and started to piston back and forth, his cock completely buried in Dennis’s ass. Tre felt Dennis’s tight channel contract around his cock with almost brutal intensity.

He rammed his cock harder and harder into Dennis, rocking the desk with the force of his thrusts. Soon, Tre was fucking Dennis with passion, ramming his cock hard and deep into his lover’s ass.

Bracing one arm next to Dennis’s shoulder, Tre leaned over to claim Dennis’s mouth as his dick claimed his ass. He lapped at Dennis’s gasping mouth, tasting him. He took Dennis’s mouth again and again—drugging kisses, enflaming kisses.

He skimmed his lips along the line of Dennis’s jaw. He licked at Dennis’s earlobe. He slowly kissed a trail down Tre’s neck. When he reached the juncture of Dennis’s neck and shoulder, his lion came roaring to the front.

Tre gasped as his fangs dropped down. The urge to sink them into tender flesh was so overwhelming, he couldn’t fight the instinct. Tre bit down hard, sinking his fangs in deep enough to leave a bite that would forever mark the man as taken.

Pulling his fangs free, Tre reared back, draped Dennis’s legs over his arms, and pounded into Dennis’s ass. He swelled inside of Dennis, stuffing his ass full as his cock expanded and knotted inside the man, his rhythm faltering as he neared orgasm. Their cries mingled as Dennis came, spilling his cum over Tre’s hand, while Tre flooded Dennis’s inner passage with his own hot seed.

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