Tre's Temptations(3)

By: Stormy Glenn

Tre reached for the button on Dennis’s jeans. His eyebrow shot up when Dennis laid a hand over his. “What’s wrong?”

“I…um…” Dennis’s naturally pale skin showed off the blush that flushed through him perfectly, highlighting the freckles lightly covering him. “I kind of…um…”

Tre glanced down even further. A smirk slid across his face when he saw the pronounced wet splotch saturating the front of Dennis’s jeans. Ignoring the spreading wetness, he pressed his hand down over the large spot, his eyebrow quirking when he felt the man’s still semi-hard cock pulse beneath his palm.

“Did you like sucking my cock, Dennis?” The cum stain on the front of his pants would make it impossible for Dennis to lie to Tre.

Dennis shuddered. “Yes, sir.”

Tre squeezed harder. “Do you like getting fucked?”

“Don’t know, sir,” Dennis whispered as he humped his hips, pushing into Tre’s hand. “Never been fucked, sir.”

Tre’s mouth dropped open. “You’ve never been fucked?”

“No, sir.”


Tre slid his other hand around and down Dennis’s firm rounded ass, pressing hard along the seam between his butt cheeks. “No one has ever tapped this ass?”

“No, sir,” Dennis groaned. “No one.”

“Give me the word and that can change.”

Dennis gulped. “Word.”

Tre flipped Dennis around, shoved him down over the desk, and grabbed the waistline of his jeans. He had no idea what possessed him, but the sound of Dennis’s jeans tearing as he ripped them from the man’s sweet little body filled him with satisfaction. The man’s shirt went much the same way, both items of clothing making a very nice pile of ripped fabric on the floor.

Tre paused to stare down at what quite possibly could be the most perfect ass ever created. Nicely rounded with a slight uptilt, it was made for grabbing. Tre did just that. He started at Dennis’s thighs and then slowly slid his hands up over each rounded globe until his thumbs met in the middle.

Pulling slightly, he was rewarded by the sight of a perfect little star twinkling up at him, a beautifully shaved sac hanging right beneath. Tre couldn’t help himself. He leaned down and ran his tongue from the base of the crack of Dennis’s ass up over the man’s puckered hole to the base of his spine.

This ass deserved to be worshiped, and that was just what Tre intended to do. He pulled Dennis’s butt cheeks farther apart and then pressed his tongue back in. He darted out with his tongue spearing the man’s tight ring of muscles.

It just wasn’t enough.

Tre stood back so he could grab Dennis and flip him onto his back. Dennis’s wide green eyes darted to him for a brief moment before quickly lowering. Tre paused. “Is this what you want, Dennis?”

Dennis nodded.

“I want a verbal yes or no, Dennis. Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, please.”

Good enough.

“Spread your knees as far as you can.”

Tre’s jaw dropped when Dennis grabbed his ankles and spread his legs up and out. He couldn’t help but wonder just how flexible the man was. “Can you put your legs over your head?”


He could.

Tre grinned as he settled down in his chair. “Keep those legs up there, Dennis. Keep your knees wide.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sitting where he was, with Dennis displayed before him, Tre had a front row seat to the man’s ass, balls, and cock. It was perfect. Tre could play. One of these days he was going to get a vibrating dildo and play to his heart’s content, or Dennis passed out. Whichever came first.

He reached down into the second drawer to where he kept his slick for those times when he just had to take matters into his own hand. Knowing said hand was going to be gooey, Tre unzipped his jeans. He lifted up enough to push them down his thighs.

He poured some lube out on his fingers, lathering them up. Before he started, he glanced up. “You doing okay up there, Dennis?”

“Please, sir, I need—”

“I know what you need.” Tre bent down and licked a line up from Dennis’s asshole to the tip of his dick. Drops of pre-cum exploded over his tongue, the taste so alluring, he had to have more.

Tre swallowed the man down to the root. He was intrigued by the fact that his nose was not nestled in curly hair, but rather rubbing against smooth skin. He liked that. There was no hair on Dennis’s dick, balls, or even in the crack of his ass. The man was smooth as silk.

Tre lifted his head and sent a stern warning glare to Dennis. “You will keep yourself smooth for me,” he said as he caressed the silky flesh.

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