Tre's Temptations(10)

By: Stormy Glenn

Dennis straightened his shoulders and forced himself not to look away from Tre’s penetrating gaze. “I won’t be a pet.”

Tre’s dark eyes clouded for a moment. “You don’t want to—”

“I won’t be locked up like some pampered pet, only let out when you want to show me off or fuck me. I won’t.”

“I never asked you to.”

“You called me pet.” Dennis couldn’t ignore how much he had liked Tre calling him pet, but that didn’t mean he wanted to live like one. He refused to be caged.

Tre’s stern expression softened. His hand came up and smoothed over the side of Dennis’s face. “Baby, pet is a term of endearment, not a designation. It’s just a word of affection like baby. Just because I call you baby doesn’t mean I want to change your diapers. I would never lock you up.”

Dennis held his breath as he searched Tre’s eyes. He so desperately wanted to believe him. His heart beat a little faster. “No cages?”

The anger that ignited in Tre’s eyes didn’t frighten Dennis—something he would think about later. Instead, it made him feel sorry for whoever the powerful lion was angry at.

“You were locked up in a cage?”

“No, but I’ve seen it done.” More times than he care to remember. “Omegas that mated in my birth pride were often locked up to keep others from having them.”

“While I don’t relish the idea of anyone trying to”—Tre’s jaw clenched—“have you, I’d prefer just to kill them instead of locking you up. I like the idea of having you with me, not in a cage.”

Dennis blinked. “You’d kill for me?”

“Without even having to think about it.”

Dennis threw himself at Tre, wrapping his arms around the big man. No one had ever cared enough about him to kill for him. He hadn’t even garnered a second glance from anyone until he had made himself indispensable as a personal assistant.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Tre chuckled as he lifted Dennis up in his arms and then turned to sit on the mattress. “One of these days I will convince you how important you are to me, Dennis.”

Dennis leaned back far enough to look into Tre’s face. “You can call me pet. I don’t mind.” As long as the word stayed an endearment.

“All right, pet.” When Tre leaned forward to brush their lips together, Dennis eagerly lifted his face. He could live on Tre’s kisses. “Are you hungry?” Tre asked when he pulled away.

Dennis started to say no when his stomach growled. “Yeah.” He laughed. “I guess I am.”

“Lunch is just about ready.” Tre simply stood up and started for the door, Dennis still held in his arms. Instead of feeling upset about it, Dennis wrapped his legs around Tre’s waist. He was pretty happy to stay right where he was.

The wide range of emotions he was swimming through confused him. He didn’t like being treated like a pet and yet he loved being carried by Tre. The two ideals were on opposite ends of the spectrum, and he couldn’t quite seem to land at one end or the other.

“You’re thinking too hard, Dennis.” Tre accompanied his words with a small smack to Dennis’s ass.

“Why do I like that?” Dennis didn’t realize he had spoken out loud until Tre chuckled.

“You’re a natural submissive, Dennis. You just need a safe environment to express those submissive tendencies.”

Dennis’s head cocked to one side as he considered Tre’s words. “Being a submissive is different than being an omega, isn’t it?”

“Yes and no. All omegas have submissive tendencies. That’s part of being an omega. But a true submissive takes those tendencies to the extreme.”

“I don’t understand.”

Tre grinned at him. “Not all omegas like being spanked as much as you do.”

“I still don’t understand why I like it,” Dennis grumbled. “I’m not a child.”

“No, you are most certainly not a child.” Tre paused in the hallway. Dennis was a little amazed at the man’s strength. Tre wasn’t even breathing heavy. “But I have no doubt that there are times you need to be punished. I suspect you are not as docile as you would like people to believe.”

Well, that much was true, but he wasn’t about to admit it out loud.

“That’s okay, pet,” Tre whispered against the side of Dennis’s head. “I like a little fire in my mate.”

Dennis dipped his head so Tre couldn’t see him smile. Tre seemed like a knowledgeable alpha, but there were just some things the alpha didn’t need to know. Or maybe it was that there were just some things Dennis knew he shouldn’t admit to.

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