Totally, Sweetly, Irrevocably(64)

By: Kira Archer

She slipped his ring on his finger and beamed up at him, so full of love and happiness she thought she’d burst from it.

“Gina,” he said, his thumb rubbing across her hand, “you are wonderfully wild and crazy and my life hasn’t been the same from the moment I met you. I don’t think I was truly alive until the day you walked into my life. And I know life wouldn’t be worth living without you in it. I promise to always have your back. Even when you are doing something borderline illegal and most likely insane.”

That surprised a laugh out of her, and a couple of tears. He wiped them away as he smiled.

“I promise to support you in all your endeavors, even when they are harebrained and guaranteed to get us arrested. I won’t promise not to try to talk you out of them…but on the good chance I can’t change your mind, I’ll be there for you, no matter what. I promise to love you, and protect you, and do my best to make you happy every day of your life. I also promise to keep you safe from Alejandro and the rest of his cartel for as long as I live. After that, you’re on your own.”

She laughed and squeezed his hand. “Deal.”

“I promise to love you every day of this life and into the next, and to show you how much you mean to me for as long as the universe allows.”

He slipped her ring on her finger and enclosed her hands in his. Then they looked at Jared.

He wiped what Gina thought might actually be a real tear away and cleared his throat. “Damn, you guys.” He blew out a breath. “Okay. So, by the power vested in me by the internet guys, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

They didn’t need any prompting. Rick pulled her close. “Mrs. Boyd.”

She reached up to caress his cheek. “Mr. Boyd.”

His lips met hers, and their audience cheered.

Gina barely heard them. She was lost in her husband, her heart overflowing with a love and happiness she had never dreamed possible. She’d never have guessed that Rick would be such a perfect match for her. His steadfastness, far from being boring and predictable, brought the calm security she needed in her life. He was her haven, her safe place. He was everything she never knew she was missing.

But hey, what did she know? Looked like even girls who had never dreamed of a happily ever after sometimes got one.

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Just saying thank you never seems like enough, but I need to send out a huge, heartfelt thank-you to my incredible support system. Erin, my absolutely amazing editor, who not only helps turn these stories into books I’m proud to publish but never blinks when I send “okay it’s just going to be a little bit later” emails when I’m already a little late. Your calm assurance we’ll get things done is more helpful than you will ever know.

The truly inspiring team at Entangled, who create beautiful covers, set up marketing and promo, and tirelessly work to make sure we release the best book possible. Thank you all, so much!

Sarah, I apparently can no longer function without my creepy twin so I am more thankful than you know that you continue to answer my emails. Also, it’s nice not to be alone in the deadline-induced sleep-deprived panic haze. And thank you for letting me borrow Alejandro and his cartel! I’m still not eating your jalapeño crazy lady chips, though.

And to my family, I really couldn’t do this without you. My sweet kids, thank you for your understanding and support and still loving me even when it’s dinnertime and I’m still in my pajamas and maybe haven’t showered yet. And especially to my husband, who picks up all the slack I drop, makes sure the kids eat more than cereal, and takes my turn with the car pool so I can work and has never posted all the videos he’s been collecting of me snoring on the couch when I close my eyes for just a second. I love you all, more than anything.

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