Torrid - Book Two(6)

By: Jayne Blue

Ben thanked me and blushed a little when Seth rallied and started to paw at me. Ben backed quickly out and almost knocked over a lamp on his way. I knew the story he told the rest of the college kids we hired would grow and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the kids swore he saw us consummating the marriage right in front of them.

As soon as Ben shut the door, Seth crumpled back against the bed and started snoring again. I tossed his shoes to the floor and slid out from underneath him. “Some groom you make,” I said, mostly to see if Seth would answer. He didn’t. He snorted and rolled onto his stomach.

My shoulders sagged with relief. Tonight, at least, I’d get a respite. I closed the door and went to my actual bedroom across the hall.

I locked my door behind me and peeled off my simple sheath wedding dress. I laid it carefully over a chair and headed into the bathroom. I wanted to wash away every lie, every fake smile I performed today. Only one real thing had happened; it was time to wash that away too.


I married another man today but it was his touch, his scent I still felt on my skin. I stepped under the hot jets of water and part of me regretted it. I couldn’t go to Jack anymore, even though I wanted to so badly. But not now. Not when I was this close to getting what I needed from Seth. If I was lucky. If I was careful. If I did everything right, maybe it would only take a few days or weeks and I could leave this house forever.

After I toweled off, I slipped naked under the covers. Nothing in this house belonged to me. Not even the clothes Seth bought for me. For just a few blissful hours, as I slept, I wanted to be in my own skin. Tomorrow, I could start working on Seth. I’d tell him I was ready to play a bigger role in his campaign if he let me. I could get him to fill me in on the backgrounds of the most important people he wanted to impress. George Pagano was at the top of that list so it would seem natural to start there. I let out a deep breath and let my body sink deep into the feather mattress.

Sleep came easy since my mind had worked so hard to keep up the charade all day. I welcomed the escape of it. Jack came to me in my dreams as he often did. His powerful hands played at my collarbone then ran down the slope of my breasts and across my stomach. With a kiss at my neck he wedged himself between my legs and I opened them wide for him.

He hovered over me as he entered me in one smooth stroke and my hips rose to accept him. When he said my name, his voice sounded strange as though he was far away, or even under water. My dream voice tried to answer back but I couldn’t make a sound, as you often can’t in dreams. But my body answered for me, my core growing hot and wet, my lips opening up to receive him as he thrust in and out of me.

He called my name again and this time, he sounded wrong, higher pitched ... closer, then far away again. Something ached. It was my nipples as he pinched and tweaked them with rough fingers.

My eyes snapped open and I was pulled from my dream by the cognitive dissonance of Seth’s voice coming out of Jack’s mouth.


Not Jack. I barely had time to register my surroundings before Seth came off me and lifted me. I grew dizzy as the room spun. Seth flipped me to my stomach and pushed me forward, getting my knees under me so I knelt on all fours on top of the bed, my bare ass exposed to him. He pushed my ankles forward and pressed my back down between my knees, angling my ass even higher for him. It all happened so fast, my mind still shaking off the dream as Seth drove into me from behind with a force that made my teeth rattle.

And yet, as far as he knew, I was already stirred for him. My throbbing sex was wet and ready, coating my thighs in offer to him from the dream he’d jarred me out of. Dreams of Jack.

Had I called out Jack’s name? I didn’t think so. I prayed not. Even if I had, I think Seth was too far gone with lust and drink to register anything.

“Oh, baby,” he whispered against the back of my neck. “You feel so good.”

I gripped the bed sheets to hold myself in place. As Seth drove into me, I’d been so far into the dream of Jack that now my body betrayed me and responded to Seth’s rhythmic thrusts. I couldn’t stop it. As my husband fucked me, my mind conjured Jack and I was almost back in the dream. I cried out, careful not to say his name. And then the force of my building desire took over and I thrust backward to match Seth’s rhythm. My orgasm rippled through me and I clenched around Seth as he came close to his own release.

I screamed, letting out my pent-up need and lies of the day. Let him have it! Let Seth think that it was all for him. Let him drown in it!

“Fuck!” he cried as he spent himself in me. I clutched the bedspread, feeding it into my mouth and biting down. Seth shuddered out the last of his release and spread himself over the top of me, his weight driving me flat to my stomach.

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