Torn Between the Two 2

By: Sammi Rich

Chapter One:


Oh, I see her face everywhere I go,

On the street and even at the picture show,

Have you seen her,

Tell me have you seen her.

I turned down The Chi-Lites “Have You Seen Her” as my phone started to ring in my lap.

“What’s the word Kev? Tell me something good,” I said into the phone as I drove around my old block. I was looking for anything or anyone that could lead me back to Chachi. He had violated on the highest level and he needed to be dealt with, with the quickness.

“Ain’t shit on this end. I just wanted to touch bases with you and see where your head was at.”

“Nigga, my bitch is missing. Fuck you mean where my head at. All I see is murder my dude.”

I was pissed and Kevin was catching some of the heat. I didn’t mean for that to happen, but he wasn’t going to get a sorry out of me either. He knew he hit a nerve.

“I know man. We got the dogs out looking under every rock. Keep your head my nigga. Be easy.” With that, he ended the call. I turned my radio back up and hit the block for another time.

Something had to shake. The ringing of my cell phone once again interrupted my thoughts. It was synched to my Bluetooth and a voice came through the speakers after the second ring.

“Sean?” I heard a weak voice call my name.

“Dee? Where you at baby? You good? I’m coming to get you. Tell me where you at.” There was a long pause on her end and I was losing it by the second. I pulled the car to the side of the road so I could focus all my attention on her. I looked down at my cell phone to see an unknown number.

“Kennedy, talk to me so I can come get you,” I yelled.

“I’m at home. I came across the way to use my neighbors phone but I’m home.”

She broke down and I could hear her crying uncontrollably.

“Aight baby; I be at you in no time.”

I hit a U-turn without even looking for oncoming traffic and sped toward Kennedy’s condo. I had to see her, touch her, and make sure she was all right.

This woman was my world. She invaded my heart and I couldn’t see life without her. She was green to the life I lived but she loved me for the parts she did understand. With everyone else I was a cold, heartless man, but with Kennedy, I was different. I was almost like a small child to its mother. She brought out the sucker side of me, but if anyone tried to play on it, I wouldn’t hesitate to put them down. Once I made it to her building, I took quick steps until I reached her door. I knocked hard and loud and then paced the hallway, waiting for her to answer.

“Sean!” she yelled and leaped into my arms. I could tell she had been crying by the dry tears on her face. I walked her back into her apartment, shutting and locking the door behind us. I lead her to the couch and pulled her onto my lap.

“What’s up baby girl? What the fuck happen today?”

I grabbed her face and made sure I could see into her eyes. She pushed her curly bangs out her face and wiped her nose with the sleeve of the sweatshirt she was wearing.

“Today has been fucking horrible. Someone stole my purse with my phone and everything in it so I had to cancel my cards, and then I quit my job today.”

With the last words, she broke back down and cried into my chest. I was relieved that my life once again did not affect her, or so I thought.

“Aw baby, I’m sorry to hear that. How did you get home?” I asked.

“What do you mean baby? One of your guys brought me like you told them.”

I swallowed the huge lump in my throat as I gently sat Kennedy down next to me and stood up. I didn’t want to alarm her so I made sure to ask my next questions in the softest voice my ass could perform.

“Ok baby, what did he look like?”

She let out a laugh. “Don’t you know what he looks like?”

“Kennedy, this is fucking serious,” I snapped using my right hand to hammer into my left. I didn’t mean to let my anger get the best of me, but I needed her to answer me. She jumped at the sound the two made.

“I don’t know. He was a young guy, maybe in his early 20’s. He was dark but had a slight accent. I wanted to call you but I didn’t have a phone.”

I ran my hand over my face before rubbing my thumb along my chin. I know Chachi was not that comfortable to keep pulling stunts like this. That nigga needs to have a bullet sitting in the middle of his forehead like yesterday.

“He brought you here to the house?”

She nodded her head, “Yea Sean, Why? What’s going on?”

This was a clear message. He was letting me know she was touchable. I loved Kennedy but she didn’t have an ounce of street knowledge. Why the fuck would I allow someone else to come pick her up without her hearing from me first? I got a nigga coming for my head and my lady naïve to the shit.

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