Too Big Taboo Bundle(9)

By: Veronica Vaughn

“Meet Olivia,” I said, pulling back the blanket to reveal her smiling face.

James choked back a sob.

“She has your eyes,” he said.

He took Olivia in his hands and gently bounced her, as she erupted in riotous giggles. Little William was trying to crawl up the tree trunks of his daddy’s legs. James rubbed his knuckles against his son’s head, the way he used to tease me when I was little. Handing Olivia back to me, he scooped up his son, beaming with pride.

“Come on,” he said, taking my hand in his. “Let’s go home.”


Army Brat: A Taboo Romance

By Veronica Vaughn

Patton is a brave Army soldier who would give his life to protect the nation he loves. When his wife was dying, he made a solemn promise to look after young Evie. Now Evie is all grown up, and she’s reluctant to admit her forbidden desires for the man who raised her.

Halfway through his deployment, Patton is coming home from Iraq for reasons that Evie doesn't entirely understand. Evie and Patton have two weeks to explore their taboo feelings for one another. Then Patton must return to fight in the Middle East. He has accepted his deadliest mission yet, and Evie has no way to know whether she will ever see him again. With stakes this high, there’s nothing left to lose. It’s true what they say ... all’s fair in love and war.

This hot and steamy romance features explicit taboo sex that results in a not-entirely-accidental pregnancy, as war hero Patton balances his love for Evie with his commitment to serve his country.

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The Fireman’s Hot Little Brat

He bent me over his knee. “I’ll teach you to run away from home.”

Mason is a sexy firefighter with blue eyes and broad shoulders. When he’s not saving lives, he keeps a watchful eye over Chloe, his naive and fertile college girl.

For months, little Chloe has been nursing a major crush on the man who raised her. When Mason comes home burned and bruised after a long shift battling fires, Chloe succumbs to her forbidden desire, and she kisses Mason when he least expects it.

Chloe’s kiss threatens to tear them apart ... until fate thrusts them back together. Overcome by passion, Mason gives every inch of himself to his little princess. Chloe’s first time is unbearably hard and deliciously deep, because Mason will stop at nothing to give her the baby she craves.


Oh my god, I can’t believe I kissed my stepfather. I should have known it would be a terrible mistake.

I’m not talking about some innocent, little peck on the cheek, either. I planted my lips right on his mouth, giving in to my forbidden desire—something I swore I’d never do.

What a dumb idea.

I don’t even know why I thought a man like Mason, my stepdad, would be interested in someone like me. Someone a little too curvy. Someone a little too—oh, I don’t know—related by marriage.

Of course, the whole thing started innocently enough. I had good intentions. Mason is a firefighter, and this morning he came dragging through the front door, completely exhausted from a twenty-four-hour shift.

I was watching TV when I heard the door open.

I looked up and my heart nearly broke when I saw him. He was limping slightly, the hard-cut muscles of his chest filling his white T-shirt, swelling heavily with every weary breath. Soot smudged one of his cheekbones, and I saw nothing but sadness in his clear blue eyes.

“We lost today,” he mumbled.

“We Lost” was Mason’s way of saying that a fire victim had died on his watch. Mason thought he should be able to save everyone. He demanded that of himself—perfection. But in his line of work, it was impossible to always be the first to arrive on the scene. Sometimes a home, or a family, was beyond saving. The best that could be done was getting the fire under control and preventing it from spreading to other homes in a neighborhood, averting an even bigger catastrophe.

But you didn’t tell Mason that, at least not when he was grieving.

I got up from the couch and met him by the front door, wrapping my arms around his narrow waist, burying my face in the firm contours of his chest, my perky breasts pushing into his hard abs. I breathed in his familiar scent, like aftershave and sandalwood, and noted the additional scent of soot that had permeated his skin. Despite taking a shower before coming home, he had been unable to scrub off the unmistakable odor of the home that had burned to the ground.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

“No, Chloe. Not really,” he said, his rough hands against the small of my back. “I’ll be okay. I just need a minute to unwind.”

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