Too Big Taboo Bundle(8)

By: Veronica Vaughn

James pushed two fingers deep inside me and curled them, stroking the walls of my pussy, and I exploded in orgasm. My body quivered as I moaned with pleasure.

“Get up!” James suddenly shouted. He pulled me onto my feet. “Go to the bedroom. March!”

I turned toward the room and he smacked my ass, hard. It surprised me so much I jumped in the air. I scurried down the hallway, eager to obey, as James followed step by step with that slow, confident swagger of his. I was sitting on the edge of the bed when he entered the room and dropped his shorts.

“Oh my god,” I gasped.

His cock was long and meaty, growing before my eyes. I was salivating, I wanted it so badly. I fell to my knees, submitting to James, taking his rigid shaft in my hands as I guided the swollen tip between my lips. James’ cock was so thick it completely filled my mouth, and I was afraid I might choke on it. I took as much of him as I could inside my mouth, running my lips up and down his length, letting him dominate my mouth.

“God damn, that feels good,” James groaned. “Oh, shit, Ellie. Oh, my fucking god, this is amazing.”

I felt his ass clench, and I opened wide as James thrust himself down my throat, erupting with hot, delicious cum. He thrust and shot a second load that sprayed even deeper. I greedily swallowed all of it down.

“Shit, Ellie,” James sighed. “You really are all grown up, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” I said.

“And you know how to follow orders.”

“Yes, sir. I do.”

“Then lay your ass down on the bed.”

James guided my body down. I was lying on my back. He took my ankles in his hands and jerked my body toward him, until I was perched on the edge of the bed, and he peeled off my drenched-wet panties and spread my legs wide.

“That’s a pretty little cunt you have,” he grinned.

He kissed my pussy, his tongue spreading me open as his fingers probed inside as a series of orgasms ricocheted through every ounce of my being.

James grabbed my ankles again and spread me apart so wide I thought I might break. He pinned me to the bed with all his weight, his naked body pressing down hard on top of mine. My body was aching to be impaled by his cock.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” I begged.

“You’re a bad girl,” he sneered. “It’s time for Daddy to punish you.”

“Yes, Daddy! Please, give me my punishment.”

James pushed his hard, stiff cock against my cunt, attacking my pussy.

“Get the fuck in there,” he growled at his own cock. “Damn, Ellie, you’re too fucking tight.”

“This is my first time,” I admitted. “Please be gentle with me.”

“You picked the wrong man if you wanted it gentle.”

James forced himself savagely into my cunt, stretching me beyond all possibility. I screamed as he drove deeper inside, filling me with his thickness. My pussy had never felt anything like this. The fullness was incredible. He thrust himself in and out, in and out, as I moaned and wailed. It felt so good I couldn’t stand it. I orgasmed again, the walls of my cunt pulsating against James’ cock as he rammed into me.

A ragged moan escaped James’ lips when he exploded inside me. I felt his seed drizzling the walls of my pussy as a feeling of unbelievable satisfaction washed over my tired and spent body. James let his cock linger inside of me a moment longer, then withdrew, his cum running from my pussy and down my thigh.

“I never knew it could be so good,” I murmured contentedly.

James wrapped his arms around mine, our naked bodies entwined and our hearts beating in unison, as we drifted off to sleep in the master bedroom of the family cabin.


Three months later, James and I were married. Six months after that, I gave him the son he always wanted. We named our beautiful little boy William, after my Paw Paw.

Our marital bliss was put on hold when the United States Army called James back up for active duty. He re-deployed to the Middle East and was gone for an entire year this time. He was serving overseas when our second child, a little girl, was born.

I will never forget the look on James’ face when he saw her for the first time. The airport was bustling, with harried passengers rushing to and from their flights. Paw Paw, Grandma and Izzie were each holding edges of the WELCOME HOME banner I had painted for James’ arrival.

“Here he comes!” Grandma exclaimed.

Tears of joy streamed down my face. I threw one arm around James’ neck as he twirled me in circles, just as he had following his first return from Iraq. But this time I was being careful not to jostle the precious little bundle held against my breast.

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