Too Big Taboo Bundle(4)

By: Veronica Vaughn

“Mmm, homemade popcorn,” James said, breathing in the buttery aroma. “We couldn’t get the real thing at our forward operating base.”

“That must have been a real sacrifice for you,” I teased.

“You have no idea,” he said. “It’s crazy to think about the little things you miss over there. I mean, I missed you sometimes. But take away popcorn? That’s just brutal.”

“You big jerk, you know you missed me!” I squealed, punching him in the ribs.

James reflexively grabbed me and put me in a playful headlock, pinning my face against his rock-hard abs as he rubbed the top of my head with his knuckles. He was treating me like a little kid again, and I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Okay, stop! Stop!” I begged.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” he asked.

“I’m always a good girl,” I replied.

“That’s true,” he said, releasing me from his grip. His suddenness caught me off guard, and I stumbled onto his lap, my cheek brushing against an unmistakable bump between his legs. I stifled a gasp. James was sporting a semi!

I quickly sat up. James threw his arm around my shoulder and I snuggled into him for a movie that he had picked out for us. For some reason James never remembered that I liked romantic comedies—not action flicks. Explosions and body parts flying did nothing for me. But I figured I should let the man watch what he wanted to. He’d let me pick out the next movie anyway.

I rested my head against James’ chest, his heavy arm resting on my shoulders, weighing me down. His fingers trailed down my arm, absent-mindedly running circles on my bare skin. His touch was driving me wild. My body was rebelling, and I couldn’t focus on the movie at all with so many feelings racing through my brain.

He’s your stepdad, I thought to myself. Not just some piece of man meat for you to drool over.

My stern inner monologue did nothing to stem my arousal. I knew it was wrong to want him so badly, but I couldn’t help myself. I could feel my nipples tightening against my nightie, revealing the shape of my two little bumps. James’ hand accidentally grazed across one of my boobs. The electricity of his touch was about to set me on fire. I stole a glance at his crotch and my eyes widened when I saw the bulge in his pants. My mouth watered. I wanted nothing more than to free that enormous erection from its confinement. I wanted to taste him, to suck him off and drink down his cum.

Let’s just say it was hard to focus on the movie.

James shifted in his seat, trying to discretely reposition his rigid manhood. The tension between us was impossible to miss. He wouldn’t have such a raging hard-on if he wasn’t as turned on as I am, I rationalized. All I have to do is reach over and touch it.

James glanced in my direction, then did a double take when he noticed that I was staring at him. Our eyes locked and his brow furrowed. There was something hungry and wild in his deepening expression. His eyes raked down my body, lingering on my chest, enjoying the view. My nipples were so tight they almost hurt.

The building tension was more than I could bear. I pulled his face toward mine, simultaneously lifting myself onto James’ crotch. My lips brushed against his. He didn’t move a muscle. I nibbled his pouty bottom lip, tasting the salt on his skin.

He seemed torn, like he was trying to hold himself back. I let my ass grind into his crotch, and something inside of him broke loose. Like a brute, my stepfather seized me by the neck and pulled my face against his own. My lips parted slightly to accept his kiss, his tongue dipping deliciously into my mouth. He kissed me ardently, hungrily, his lips mashed against my own. His grip on my neck was almost too tight. It felt dangerous, but exciting, too. I was in his hands now. I would submit to him entirely, let him kiss me, fuck me, whatever he wanted.

James pulled off his shirt, revealing his tanned and toned chest and washboard stomach. The sight and touch of his bare chest aroused my desire, my pussy aching for him. He nibbled my ear, as he freed my breasts from the nightie. They spilled over the top, their softness pressing against James, my hard nipples mashed against his strong, firm chest. He cupped my ass with two violent handfuls, pulling me into him. The feel of his fingers digging into my backside was driving me wild, and I gave in to my desire, allowing James to fully dominate me with his hands and mouth. With one hand still on my ass, another found my breasts and fondled them, his fingers squeezing and tweaking the sensitive peaks of my nipples. He took one of my little buds in his mouth, his tongue running delicious circles around it, and I couldn’t help but moan out loud, his tongue felt so good. I was dripping wet by now, ready and willing to submit to his cock.

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