The Tycoon's Revenge (Baby for the Billionaire Book One)

By: Melody Anne

She was less than a foot away as she stared him down

with anger pouring off of her. He’d seen her angry before but he expected steam to start coming out of her ears at any moment. His own anger was rising to the surface. How dare she talk to him like that?

He pressed the button down on his phone. “I want zero interruptions into this room. I don’t care if the place is on fire,” he growled into the intercom.

“Yes sir,” came the reply and then the connection went dead.

He started stalking towards her. She seemed to realize her predicament, because she began to retreat fast. Her temper evaporated, as her eyes rounded. He must have looked a little more frightening than he thought but his cool had left and his anger was boiling over.

She was the one who left him because he was poor. She was the one who thought she was still miss high and mighty. She kept trying to rub in his face he’d been replaced by her boyfriend. He couldn’t even think, he was so mad.

He backed her up until her legs hit the table. She stood pressed up against the hard surface. There was no escape. Her breath quickened, making her breasts rise and fall faster against his chest. Her cheeks were flushed, her lips were swollen from her nervously chewing on them.

Her eyes were still rounded in fear. If it had only been fear, he may have been able to pull out of his anger but he also saw some excitement in their depths. She still wanted him but she was fighting herself, as much as she was fighting him. He needed her now!

He felt a low growl rumble from his throat. He closed the small gap between them, crushing his lips onto hers. He grabbed her neck to pull her closer, pushing his tongue against her lips, demanding entrance.

She reached her hand up to push him away but instead she ended up gripping his shirt. She couldn’t stop her own body’s betrayal. She was on fire as his lips turned from almost abusive to seductive. He accessed her mouth and then tangled his tongue with hers.

She could feel the heat pooling in her core. He deepened the kiss, pulling her closer to him. She didn’t know where her body ended and his began. Her hands slipped up behind his neck pulling him even closer.

Chapter One

Derek Titan looked around the crowded room and had to force himself not to yawn. He couldn’t stand attending events where everyone drank too much, laughed too loud and tried far too hard to impress each other.

Derek knew he was what women considered a real catch. Hell, a stupid magazine had done a write up on Seattle’s most eligible bachelors and placed his picture as number one. He’d been furious and tried to have himself taken out of the article but his attorney had spouted some crap about freedom of speech. Since the article, he was being approached by even more materialistic females.

The magazine listed his net worth as equal to Bill Gates. They’d also said he was tall, dark and handsome. He stood over six feet, with broad shoulders and muscles that rippled throughout his entire body. He hated gyms but he ran every morning and sometime in the evenings too. He’d discovered at a young age running was a great form of relieving his stress.

He knew the second best way to relieve stress was to take a woman to bed. The minute he was done with her, he walked away, though. There were many women who tried to get him to stay but no one held his interest longer than it took him to button up his pants.

After his heart had been shattered by Jasmine, he wasn’t interested in any other woman. He figured once he got his revenge, he’d think about settling down.

A woman breezed by him wearing entirely too much perfume and he snapped back to reality. He sighed as he grabbed a glass of wine from a passing waiter.

These parties were all about who had the most to offer. The women were on the prowl and the men were fishing. He wasn’t interested. If he wanted a woman, he could have one at any time. He wasn’t interested in superficial, wanna-be socialites.

He watched as a couple of ladies passed by, dripping in diamonds and low cut gowns. They were trying to catch his eye and normally he’d make their day by flirting a little, giving them the impression they stood a chance but today wasn’t that day. He had a raging headache and he was pissed he’d been summoned.

“There you are, boy. What are you doing hiding in the corner?” Daniel Titan, his father, walked up and questioned him.

“I’m wondering why I’m here when I’d rather be home with a scotch and my feet up,” Derek replied.

“You’re here because you received a request from your father. I have some things to discuss with you later,” Daniel said in his no nonsense voice.

“And it couldn’t wait until later?” Derek questioned.

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