The Rock Star Neighbour(7)

By: Sammy King

“It’s no problem really. Like I said I have a spare bed here, so you will have privacy” she said.

Xanther frowned and seemed to thinking over her request again before he nodded. He smiled at her.

“Thank you. I’ll go home and grab some clean clothes and come back” he said.

Lucy smiled and nodded her head as he stood and left the house, torch in hand. Xanther hadn’t been gone twenty minutes when there was a knock on the door and when Lucy swung the door open he was standing back there with a small backpack in his hand. Lucy smiled feeling butterflies begin to flutter about in her stomach. Xanther followed Lucy into the spare bedroom that had a big bed against one wall, a small closet and dresser that sat under a huge window. Lucy went to the closet and opened the door.

“There are more blankets and pillows in here if you need them” she said with a smile.

Xanther looked around the room, before putting his bag onto the bed.

“This is a great room do you rent it out?” he asked.

Lucy shook her head.

“We were going to, before Hudson died, we were going to start a bed and breakfast” she explained.

Xanther nodded and sat on the end of the bed.

“Hudson was your husband?” he asked

Lucy nodded her head trying to find a way to change the subject; she didn’t want to bring the dark cloud back down onto them.

“Do you mind me asking what happened?” Xanther asked.

Lucy shook her head and ran her hands through her hair.

“He had bowel cancer” she said.

Xanther frowned and nodded.

“That must have been hard to watch” he said “Georgie died two years ago in a car accident”

Lucy went and sat beside him on the bed and looked over at Xanther.

“Sometimes I think watching Hudson die made it easier than if he had of been taken fast like in an accident. I’m really sorry you had to go through that” Lucy said.

Xanther nodded and looked up at Lucy with tears in his eyes as he swiped at them with the back of his hand.

“Yeah it’s fucked. Death in general is fucked” he said angrily.

Lucy agreed wholeheartedly. She nodded her head and tentatively reached out patting him gently on the arm. Xanther reached out and put his arm around Lucy’s shoulders and pulled her into his side. She stiffened at first before relaxing in his hug and putting her head his shoulder. They sat in silence in their own personal grief for some time before Lucy sat up and slapped her legs.

“For god’s sake look at the pair of us miserable nellies” Lucy said with a laugh.

Xanther smiled and nodded his head.

“How about we go finish that bottle of scotch” he said reaching into his bag “because I’ve got another one to start”

Lucy barked out a laugh and stood nodding her head, leading him into the kitchen where she lined up their glasses and filled them with shots.

Chapter Five

When she woke her mind was fuzzy, her tongue felt like sand paper and her mouth felt like it was filled with sand. Lucy groaned as she rolled in bed to discover Samson beside her with his head nudged into her shoulder blade. She tried to remember the night before. Lucy remembered topping up glasses with scotch with Xanther. She had brief memories of bad karaoke singing, some terrible dance moves before both of them crawled off to their beds. Lucy put her hands up on her head and ran them through her hair feeling her hair snag on her wedding rings.

Lucy looked down at her rings and over at Samson who was snoring. She lay in bed staring at the rings; memories flooded her of Hudson proposing. It was on the beach just down the road from their house, it was what made Lucy fall in love with the little sea town in the first place. They had been wandering along the rocks, looking in the little pools of water for trapped crabs and starfish when she had turned to say something to Hudson. He was down on one knee with her engagement ring in his hand. Of course Lucy had accepted immediately. Hudson was the love of her life. She couldn’t imagine a life without him.

Their wedding had been a grand affair, Melinda had seen to that. The truth was that Lucy had just wanted a very small intimate wedding, not with the great aunts and distant cousins that Melinda had insisted on inviting. However, her highlight of the whole day was walking down the aisle of that little beach town church in her white dress and seeing Hudson tall and strong with his blonde hair neatly cropped around his face and tearing up as she strolled toward him on the arm of her father.

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