The Rock Star Neighbour(10)

By: Sammy King

Chapter Six

When Lucy went into her bedroom she made sure to grab her trusty rabbit which she was forever grateful was waterproof and headed for the shower. She stood under the hot water trembling from the orgasm that was overwhelming her, thoughts of Xanther’s body all over hers, his tongue in places that were dying to be licked. She couldn’t control the moan that escaped her lips and his name that fell from her mouth as the orgasm finally took its hold and rocked her body. As she stood panting, feeling her heart beat slow down and slowly turn off the water she heard a knock on the bathroom door.

“Yes” she called thankful that she had a voice that worked still.

“Did you call me?” Xanther asked through the door.

Lucy’s eyes widened and her face instantly blushed red, she had been caught and she needed an excuse fast.

“I um, had a spider fall down on me and panicked, but it went down the drain so it’s all good now” she said groaning at the pathetic excuse.

She heard Xanther chuckle on the other side of the door.

“Alright then, as long as you don’t need me to assist you” he said with another chuckle.

Lucy wished the floor would swallow her whole as she wrapped herself in a towel.

“Fucking spider” she groaned softly shaking her head.

When she came out of the room dried and dressed Xanther was sitting on the couch watching television. He looked up at her and gave her a wry smile before quickly looking away. She couldn’t meet his eyes.

“I um, rang an electrician, not that there is much of a choice here, but they are coming around lunch time, is it alright if I hang out here till then?” he asked wiping his hands on his jeans.

Lucy nodded her head and smiled, still avoiding his eyes.

“Yeah that’s fine” she said trying to push her embarrassment away as she blushed again.

Lucy went and sat on the couch beside Xanther and focused on the television. They sat in silence for a little while, with the only sound of the soft snores of Samson who had wedged himself between them. He seemed to be obsessed with Xanther. She always said that Samson was a good judge of character.

“So was I good?” Xanther asked with a sly smile not taking his eyes off the television.

Lucy felt her face instantly blush and she stared at him. Xanther turned to her and shrugged his shoulder and winked. Lucy couldn’t hold back the laughter as she threw a cushion at him.

“I would have helped you if you had of asked you know?” Xanther said with another wink.

Lucy smirked and fidgeted with her hands. Was she really ready for this she questioned? Before she could think more Lucy turned to Xanther and grabbed his face pulling him over the top of Samson who grunted and leapt off the couch in disgust at the interruption to his sleep. She put her lips on Xanther’s and probed his mouth with her tongue. Xanther opened his eyes which she watched darken before he slipped his hands around her waist and lowered her back onto the couch and laid between her legs, entwining his tongue with hers. She closed her eyes as he ran his hand up her thigh and up her hip to her waist. Lucy felt him push his groin into her and felt his growing erection which brought a moan to her lips. Lucy pushed Xanther off her and he sat up with a confused look on his face. She smiled and stood taking his hand.

“It’s not so comfortable here” she said.

Xanther nodded and stood following her, Samson decided to come to and looked put out when she shut the door without him. He scratched at the door a few times before giving up and finding somewhere else to sit. Lucy leaned against the back of the door when Xanther stepped up to her pressing himself against her and kissing her passionately on the lips. He ran his hands up and down her body, taking the time to caress her breasts. She felt herself getting wet and clenched her legs against the pounding that was beginning to form in her core. Slowly Xanther slid his hands up her shirt and ran his thumbs over her hardening nipples as he kissed her neck, lightly nipping at the skin around her ear. Lucy moaned again and felt her knees begin to buckle in ecstasy.

Xanther took Lucy’s hands and lead her to the bed slowly lifting her t-shirt from her body. He gasped when he looked down at her and nuzzled into her neck. Lucy couldn’t stop trembling with anticipation. In the back of her mind there was fear but the sheer pleasure she was feeling overtook everything else. She ran her hands up under Xanther’s shirt and felt him tense as her hands ran over his muscles before he reached down and removed his shirt only taking his head out of Lucy’s neck long enough to lift it over his head. Lucy gasped as she saw his body, muscles rippled across his chest that were dotted in tattoos, she traced her fingers along the muscles that lead down to the v shape disappearing into his jeans. Xanther watched her with bemusement as she studied his body before looking up at him and smiling.

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