The Right Kind of Love

By: Kennedy Kelly


I Felt a heavy weight land on me, and I was immediately taken out of my sleep to wide awake and alarmed. I was pinned down on the bed. Legs were encasing mine with a tight grip to keep me in place. I looked up into eyes, wild eyes that shone with the desire to hurt me. It was Wes.

“You bastard! Get the hell off me!” What the fuck was he doing? I wished someone were here to help me. I just needed someone to help me in my time of desperate need. He wasn’t moving and my panic rate had tripled as he tore away my panties. Why was he doing this to me? He was supposed to be passed out drunk on the sofa of my apartment and not in my bedroom invading my body. He’d always been so good to me. His behavior now was something completely out of character, and something I didn’t understand. I should have known when he came to visit me tonight drunk off his ass with his crude behavior that something was terribly off.

Please, dear God, make him stop. Fear had taken over my entire body and was crippling. My body started shaking, and I felt a light sheen of sweat over my entire body. I took both of my hands and shoved him hard, but it didn’t work.

“You little cock tease. You think you’re going to fight me on this? I’ll make you pay.”

Slap! The sound of his hand against my face resonated in my ears.

My skin felt like molten lava from where his hand had connected to my skin, and it was on fire.

I got one of my legs free and kicked him in the face. Hard. He grunted from the impact. I saw a little blood leak from his lip and it gave me hope.

I’m sure my leg would have hurt from the impact of kicking him by the amount of force I used, but all I could think about was getting free. I needed to be free of what Wes was doing to me.

His eyes went wild, and I could see the five-alarm fire brimming behind them. This time, he punched me in the stomach and completely gutted me. He began laughing at me. It was a cold bitter laugh that clearly wasn’t the type of laugh when someone said something funny. No, this was laced with bitterness and contempt. I gasped for a breath but felt like it was so far out of reach. I gripped my pink sheets and hung on as tightly as I could. My head was embedded in my feather soft pillow. But it didn’t feel feather soft. It felt like I was being smashed into a concrete floor.

While I gulped down as much air as I could, he began taking my breasts in his hands, kneading, pulling them. His calloused hands weren’t tender on my flesh. They bit into my skin like rough sandpaper. He took my nipple and pinched it hard. It was like he had taken a frying pan to my nipple with hot grease and poured it over my nipple. It burned like hell and hurt.

“You think you are tough trying to kick me and punch me? I was going to make this easy on you, but now you are going to suffer.” His vile breath assaulted my nostrils now that he was closer to me. It was a mixture of alcohol and of not brushing his teeth. It was disgusting and made my already soured stomach to turn even more. He punched me in the face, and this time, I could taste the blood that was pooling in my cheek. My eyes stung as the tears started to barrel down my face. I whimpered, but I wasn’t loud enough for him to hear me. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.

“I have watched you prance around long enough acting like you want to give it to me. This time, I’m taking what I know is mine. All mine. You think I never noticed how you thought you were so much better than me? How your mom catered to you? It made me sick.”

Please, someone help me. “No, please no. We can talk about this.”

“Shut up, you little twit. I’ve waited long enough to sink myself into you. You’re going to take my cock and you’ll like it.” His words came out with a spit to my face. My stomach rolled and I wanted to vomit.

I clenched my fist and gathered up all of the energy in my body I possibly could and pushed him with my hands and feet. He stumbled back and I was able to escape from his hold, but not for long enough.

“You bitch!” He punched me in the ribs this time, and I doubled over in pain, the wind taken clear out of me. I couldn’t breathe and the tears were making even more of a presence on my face. He pushed me down again and held me there. His hands gripped mine with force and his bulky body completely trapped mine. There was no way out. It was hopeless. I took my free hand and scratched him with my long nails down his face.

“You cunt!” He winced from the pain and punched me in the face again, this time over my eye. I could feel it immediately start to swell. I was a mess and needed someone to seriously help me out of this horrible situation. I started saying every prayer I knew to try to muster up the courage to continue to fight him.

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