The Rage: Hell's Disciples MC 3(9)

By: Jaci J

I sit on one of the couches, watching her. Why? Because I’m fucking stupid, that’s why. Men like me have no business sticking our dicks in bitches like that, or even have a bitch like that, but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to or won’t try. She’s a woman bastards like me work their entire lives for, only to be shot the fuck down. But still, we try. We’re sick, sad fucks that way, working for a bitch we’ll never get.

Tank takes the chair next to me and takes a long pull from his beer. Crush sits his ass down next to him. “Fuckin’ hot, right?” Tank grumbles, never taking his eyes off his beer.

“The fuck you on ‘bout?”

“Lailah. She’s hot as fuck, right?”

“Fuck yeah she is. She’s so fuckin’ hot I’d slap my patch on her ass ‘n ride her home,” Crush adds.

Nodding, I glance over my shoulder at her and she catches me. She does that shit every time. No matter how fucking careful I am, she knows. I watch her lick her lips and my dick twitches painfully. She’s playing dirty.

“Yeah, somethin’ like that.” I mutter into my drink.

“Lil brought her home a while back. There ain’t no bitch that’s grabbed my attention like that since Lil brought her ass into the Chapel, ‘n that’s sayin’ somethin’.” Fuck yeah it is. Tank has zero interest in any bitch that ain’t Sis. If some girl makes him look twice, she must be somethin’. Even though I don’t wanna hear him say that shit about anyone but Lil, being my sister and all, I can’t argue with what he is sayin’.

“Fuck. Wish Lil woulda brought her home to me. She coulda stayed, too. Havin’ the both of them together… Jesus Christ! That’d kill ‘a man,” Crush says before he catches a fist to the gut. Coughing a few times, he grunts, “W-what? It’s the fuckin’ truth.”

“You’re talkin’ ‘bout my old lady, you dumb fuckin’ asshole.”

Crush smiles unapologetically and shrugs. He doesn’t give a shit.

“Sis brought her home? What the fuck does that mean? You two into that shit?” Not sure why I’m asking because I really don’t want to know the answer to the question, but the thought of Tank fucking her does not sit well with me.

“You know how fuckin’ stupid you sound sometimes?” He levels me with a hard look. “You think Lil would let me do more than look at another bitch? Shit, I’m lucky she don’t poke my fuckin’ eyes out for glancin’ in another female’s direction. What happened was the girls went shopping or some shit, then came to the house.”

“Or some shit?”

“I don’t fuckin’ know what it was they did. What the fuck do females do together? Shop ‘n gossip, I guess.”

“We have sleepovers. We have naked pillow fights with each other while we bounce around on a feather covered bed. We take bubble bath’s together and practice our kissing techniques on each other, then we bake shit,” Lala says sweetly as she leans over the couch and against my shoulder with a smile from ear to ear, “Ya know. Cookies and pies? Shit like that.”

My will power dwindles when she slides onto the couch right next to me and laughs. Making herself comfortable, she looks over at us with those big blue eyes, shining with nothing but trouble. Fucking gorgeous.

“That’s my cue to get the fuck outta here,” Tank mumbles and leaves.

“Do I get an invite to this little shindig?” Crush asks, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

“Sorry. Women only.”

“Figures. Pussy always rules. I get it.” He grumbles.

Putting her hand on his shoulder, she leans into him and whispers, “That’s exactly right. Remember that ‘n you’ll have no trouble landin’ a woman.”

“You wanna be that woman, Lailah?” He tries again. I hate this easy flirting shit between her and every other brother here.

“I’m gonna have to pass, but thank you.”

“Come on, ya know ya want this,” he says grabbing his dick and shaking it at her.

“Put your shit away, motherfucker,” He catches another fist to the gut.

“F … fuck, alright,” he groans, holding his hands up. He looks back at Lala and smiles. I know what he’s doing. He thinks he’s slick, but he’s really just plain fucking stupid. “If you change your mind sweetness, come find me,” A new girl named Diamond saunters by and just like that, his attention is elsewhere.

“Hi,” she chirps at me. Twisting in her seat to face me, she closes her eyes for a second like she’s trying to wait for a dizzy spell to pass.

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