The Rage: Hell's Disciples MC 3(4)

By: Jaci J

“Sis.” I nod, avoiding looking at either of them. I swear, Tank spends more time fucking that girl than he does doing anything else, but at least he’s not drinking and treating her like shit, so I’ll take the gross over the unstable shit any day.

“Yep.” He stops long enough for me to answer him.

Nodding toward the door, he says, “Lil’s got some bitch from school comin’ over so let her in. Keep an eye on her ‘‘til I’m done with her, yeah?”

Lil smacks his back, “Don’t call her a bitch.”

He doesn’t even give me a chance to say anything else ‘cause he’s already down the hall. Yeah, sure, I’ll babysit some bitch. Why the fuck not?

Hitting up the bar, I throw a couple shots back while I wait. A club whore, Red, starts crawling all over me like she’s broke and trying to earn a buck. This bitch has her hands all over the place, rubbing on my dick, licking on my neck. Not sure why she picks me to crawl all over. There are at least twenty guys here who’d be happy to fuck her, but me? Not so much.

Being that I have a babysitting gig, I can’t do shit with Red, but I have twenty minutes of trying to fight the bitch off when Tiny come’s waddling up to me laughing.

“Got some little tart at the gate.” He says, throwing a thumb toward the monitors on the wall. Must be the friend.

“Open it,” I tell him, “And as for you, get the fuck off me.” I try to shake Red, but it’s a no go. She pouts and stomps her damn foot. That shit is not cute.

“Come on, baby. Let’s go to your room,” she pleads with desperation seeping out of her like a rank smell. I like ‘em eager and willing, not desperate and needy. I avoid that kinda shit.

I move to leave her when she grabs my arm, tugging me back toward her.

“Keep tuggin’ on my fuckin’ arm bitch, and imma start tuggin’ back. I promise you Red, you won’t like it.” What the fuck is wrong with her? I hate grabby, needy bitches. Keep your fucking hands to yourself. “I’m not interested in that pussy of yours right now. Been there, done that, not what I’m lookin’ for.” She rips her hands away like I burned her.

“Fuck you!” she spits.

“I’ll pass, sweet cheeks,” I say as I smack her ass on my way to the door. Her jaw hits the floor and she glares at me, but if I said the word, she’d be spread eagle on my bed in a goddamn heartbeat. She wouldn’t make me ask her twice.

I’m standing near the door when I hear a soft knock on the old worn wood, and right off the bat I can tell you this girl has never been to the club before. That knock comes from someone who’s scared. Who the fuck knocks in the first place anyway? Fuck, I bet she’s a goddamn librarian, or some church bitch. Christ.

I’m not looking forward to this babysitting gig, but I’ll do what I gotta do and then she’s Lil and Tanks problem.

Throwing open the door I announce like an asshole, “Welcome to Hell.”

I’m not fucking prepared for the bitch on the other side. Nothing could have prepared me for that shit. My words are suddenly crammed right back down my throat and I choke on those motherfuckers.

I’m faced with the hottest bitch I have ever seen. Holy fucking shit. I don’t think I have ever met a bitch that could ever compare to the woman standing at the door. For a second I just stare at her like a dumb shit, not even able to speak.

My eyes can’t seem to take her in quick enough. From her face to her fucking body, there is too much perfection to take in at once. She’s that type of bitch you need to take in small doses, ‘cause too much of her could kill a man. She cannot be good for your fucking health.

She has long, golden blonde hair that hangs all around her perfect face. That shit looks shiny, thick, and soft as fuck. She even has those enormous blue doll eyes, long dark lashes, a cute ass nose and glossy pink lips. This bitch has the face of a goddamn angel.

While her face may be of that of an angel, her body is made from sin. It begs to be fucked with all those round, soft curves. Big, beautiful round tits and a sweet ass for days is all I can focus on. Jesus Christ.

The sweet little thing is wearing a pair of ripped up jeans, showing off some serious skin, along with a tight ass black tee. It should be illegal for a bitch to be so goddamn hot.

The most amazing thing about her is that she’s plain in the best fucking way. No makeup, no hair styling, just simple and beautiful. All fucking natural.

“Lilly around?” The girl asks softly and I almost nut in my jeans. That voice is soft, but confident; A voice any man would want to hear say his name while he was fucking this angel. I’ve got to fight for my words. Fight motherfucker, fight!

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