The Marquess and the Maiden(67)

By: Robyn Dehart

Her breath caught. “You love me?”

“I daresay I love you more than any man has ever loved a woman. Forgive me for being daft and not recognizing it sooner?”

Tears pricked at her eyes, and happiness threatened to consume her.

“I thought you’d left me. I went everywhere that day searching for you to tell you, to beg you to return to me,” he said. He bent forward to put his face closer to her. “I love you so damned much, it terrifies me.”

“There is no need to be terrified; I would never leave you.” She cradled his face with her hands and kissed him. “Of course I love you, Oliver, so very much. In fact, I was ready to tell you that I could love enough for us both. I want our marriage so badly.”

“What if you wake up one morning and realize you could have had someone else, a different man, a whole man?”

“I’d pick you, again and again. I don’t need you any different than how you are right now. I merely need you to complete me.”

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