The Escort(7)

By: Amy Brent

I woke up at five and blinked at the red numbers on the clock, sitting up as I found myself alone. That was a familiar feeling for me, and I slipped out from under the sheets to dress in the street clothes that I’d brought along before folding the dress that Lana loaned me carefully into the luggage along with the shoes. I washed my face in the bathroom since I was going to go home to shower, praying that James wasn’t there to ask where I’d been. I was certain that he was on a business trip and there was nothing to bring him to the house before that was over if it was even real. I was looking around the room when I noticed the note on the table by the door. I held my breath as I opened it, seeing several large bills wrapped inside of it as my eyes widened.

I hope to see you soon

The words sent chills down my spine. I didn’t want to fall into this life; strange men in hotel rooms, none of which would probably be anything like Declan. No, I’d never find that again, and I was willing to let the night go just as what it was.

What was that? A night of revenge against my cheating husband, in the beginning, some act of defiance. That was all that it was supposed to be.

I tucked the money into my purse and left after looking carefully around the lobby. I was due in at work at two, so I had time to sleep in my own bed, even though it wasn’t as comfortable as the one at the hotel, curled into Declan’s broad chest and feeling his warmth.

I slept fitfully, rising to make coffee and shower earlier than usual. I was going back to the office as Rayna, not Rachel. That was just the once even though it was one of the hottest nights of my life.


I stepped into my office a few minutes early, smiling at the girls as I walked by. They greeted me warmly, unaware of what I’d done the night before. It was something that Lana had arranged, making the bookings for me as my hands shook behind her. I would never tell anybody about last night, and I sat down at my computer before sipping the coffee I’d brought in with me.

The money was in a separate bank account now that James didn’t know about, all one thousand dollars. I’d blushed as I thought back to what it was for but since he wasn’t around to argue with, just accepted it. I would put it towards my fund for a new life. I knew that the girls made a lot of money working for the agency, slightly understanding the addiction towards the money now. I also realized that all men were not Declan. I knew that we charged high prices and practiced as many safety measures as possible, keeping our girls safe from the streets and danger but understood that being a sex worker was not all glamor as well. Lana told me stories as well as some of the other girls that I knew. I knew every aspect of it, and I smiled as I thought back to Declan, with his caring and dirty sex all mixed up into one I’d never get that again, and I made plenty of money to add to my secret account working here at a desk. I didn’t need to become an escort.

Still, I thought of Declan as I booked appointments. I thought of his dark hair and blue eyes, my mouth watering at the image of his perfect body in my mind. I seemed to seek his name in every booking, wondering what girl would get him next. She was going to be lucky.

Lana popped in before the sun set, sitting down across from me as she smiled conspiratorially at me. “How did it go?” There was a hint of concern in her eyes, but she’d gone to great lengths to check Declan out before booking our night together.

“He was very handsome. I had a good time,” I replied as Lana raised an eyebrow at me and leaned forward. “He gave me a thousand dollars. Is that typical?”

“We’re high class, new or not. That’s common for a longer night. Was it?” Her eyes glinted wit curiosity as she asked and I blushed and nodded. “Like you woke up together?”

“We fell asleep together. I woke up alone, though.” I looked at her. “No reason to go to breakfast in the morning, right?”

“Not so much. It is a good way to avoid an awkward goodbye, something I hate.” She laughed as I smiled ruefully. “Well, good for you. Are you going to do it again?”

“No! That was just the night. I see a little of the appeal of doing it again, but that’s not for me. I have to sort through some things.” We were both aware that Angela was a regular of James, though neither of us informed her just who I was. She was a sweet girl working her way through college, and I didn’t want to get into her way. Besides, it kept him away from the house since he was usually drinking and not able to make it home.

When he was home, it was ugly.

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