The Escort(2)

By: Amy Brent

I wondered what normal was like as she set me up in an office and showed me the booking process. Most of the clients used an online system to book their girls, but some old school clients still called. I’d handle both, along with the other girls in the office that Lana introduced me to. Sarah and Millie reminded me of Lana, though they were very nice and seemed as though they were going to be helpful. I watched as she showed me the spreadsheets with the names and pictures of the girls, including their specialties as I blushed. Lana giggled, asking me what my story was as I told her that I’d been married for two years. She smiled as she looked at me and I wished that I felt the joy that should be behind those words.

At least I had a part of my life that would just be for me now, someplace I could be a different woman.



I thought about the years that passed since that first day as I parked in the lot by the office. There was a lot of resentment in the fact that James became verbally abusive towards me as well as the signs of being physically violent with me. Had it really been just five years since the wedding?

If I didn’t have the escape of work, I would have gone crazy. I think it is what got me through the harder times since I collaborated with warm, fun people in a professional setting. There were days that I didn’t even feel like it was an escort agency since I was merely booking appointments and getting the information to the necessary parties. The money was great, and at this point, I was stocking it away so I could leave James and make it on my own. I knew that our families would be horrified since we were the picture-perfect couple everywhere but home. James faked it well though I had a hard time eating if we were at any kind of lunch or dinner, causing me to drop some weight.

That only prompted the families to tell me to get pregnant so I could out some weight on, though I knew that they really meant they wanted an heir to the family fortune. They wanted a capable person that would go into law just as all the men had, preferably a man.

They could go to hell if they ever thought I’d have children with James. Our sex life was practically non-existent being that we worked different schedules. When I did go home late at night, he was often gone. James worked at the office every chance that he could though so I wasn’t surprised. He had a place to sleep there for the nights that he worked through to the morning, just to catch a nap.

I got out and walked down the walkway and up to the glass door that led to my building. I wasn’t sure how the owners did it, but they had a legitimate space for us to work. I knew it wasn’t an obvious name and that we kept our communications vague, but there were much worse issues to deal with in this city than an escort service. It was professional, and the girls were as safe as they could be, with background checks on the high-end clients and strict rules for everyone involved to be careful.

I took the elevator up and walked through our main door to my office, calling out my hellos as I moved forward. The girls said hi back with big smiles on their faces, and I set my bag down on the desk as I looked out of the window over Hollywood Boulevard. “It’s busy today. There’s a holiday weekend coming up, and everyone needs a friend,” Sarah warned me with a weak smile as I powered on my computer.

She wasn’t lying. The site was full of bookings to be made, and I pulled up everything I needed to work, sipping my coffee as I started to read. I matched requests to the girls, depending on their schedules and the fetishes that these clients preferred didn’t even phase me anymore. I sent texts about appointments to the girls and return messages to customers with nothing but a time. We used a regular hotel that was high end over in Beverly Hills for the meetings all the time, where the girls would be secure. All of the customers knew that.

There were signals if that didn’t happen, but in my five years here it never had.

I was halfway through my list when I frowned. James was the next client looking for a woman I knew well, Angela. James, my husband. I sensed from his message that he was familiar with her and I bit my lip as I fought the urge to fire back something reactive. He didn’t know where I worked and never cared, so I wasn’t about to reveal the truth now. I kept reading the message until my head was throbbing, making me close my eyes and take a deep breath.

Angela was a beautiful brunette woman with an enormous chest, and my husband was fucking her. More than that, he was paying to do so, and I compared the differences between us for a long moment. I was more blonde with a more athletic body. I shook my head. That didn’t matter at all. We never had a strong physical attraction, to begin with, and this wasn’t jealousy that I was feeling.

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