The Dragon's Arranged Mate(9)

By: Serena Rose

She was trembling all over by the time I’d finished speaking. I could sense the lust radiating from her, could see her nipples straining against the lace of her shift.

“I don’t wish to hurt you,” I told her.

“I know,” she whispered. “But I do want you to take me, my lord. Make me yours, fully. I want to be nothing more than yours.”

She was the woman of my dreams, and I pulled her toward me in order to take her in my arms.

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and tilted her head back. Once again, our mouths met. Now the heat had increased. I could feel how warm and willing her mouth was against my own and knew the blood was pumping through her veins just as it had been through mine.

Her mouth was tentative, unskilled. I moved my lips against hers, then gently probed with my tongue. I pulled away just long enough to whisper, “Open your mouth,” and she did just slightly. When my tongue met hers she groaned, and my cock stirred again at the sound of it.

Our tongues danced, slowly at first, filling me with sensations sweeter than any I’d ever known. I could feel her melting into me, her passion slowly being unleashed. My hands traveled down her back until they reached her round, full ass. She moaned again, louder this time. I stroked her gently, softly, stoking her desire. I wanted her fully wet and ready for the moment I entered her.

Her head tilted further back, our mouths parting. I kissed her chin, then down her exposed throat to where it met her clavicle. I ran my tongue along the bone until I reached her shoulder, then moved the shoulder of her shift aside so my mouth could access it.

“Oh, my Lord,” she gasped. “Please, Caside, lay me down. My knees are too weak to stand.”

I chuckled against her smooth, white skin, then dipped down and gathered legs over my arm. Lifting her easily, I carried her to the cavernous four-poster bed, which was intended for our coupling. I laid her, gently, on the soft feather mattress.

Her body lay before me, just waiting for me to plunder it and discover its many charms. I started at her ankles, gently tracing their curves, then moved up to her calves the space behind her knees. She started breathing heavily in anticipation, and my own anticipation had grown as well. I began working the lacy undergarment up her smooth thighs until I reached the place where they joined. Her red curls glistened with moisture, which I longed to lick clean, but I held myself back for now.

My hands traveled more swiftly up her flat belly, and she took the hem of the shift and pulled it over her head. Her entire body was exposed to me, to do with as I pleased. The dragon stirred again.

“Do I please you?” she whispered. I could hear the longing mixed with apprehension. By way of reply, I took one of her hands and placed it on the bulge that threatened to burst free of my leggings. “When you see this, you don’t have to wonder.”

Her breasts were just as magnificent as I’d imagined. I hovered over her and tested their weight in my hands. They were heavy, firm and round. Her head rolled from side to side as I fondled her. My thumbs gently skimmed her pink nipples and she arched her back.

“Gods!” she cried out, her body tensing. I lowered my head to one breast and swiped my tongue over the sensitive pink tip. She cried out again, then again when I repeated my attention on the other breast. Her hands found the back of my head instinctively and her fingers tangled in my hair. I swirled my tongue in slow, wet circles over the areola and she groaned from deep in her throat.

I let my hand trail down her flat stomach and she wriggled and flexed her hips. My hand wandered lower, and gently grazed the skin above her coarse, red curls. She tensed, and I whispered reassurances in her ear as I licked and nipped the lobe.

My hand dipped even lower, my finger dancing along the cleft of her lips. There was moisture there, and my finger slid along the ridge easily. She mewled and whimpered, begging me for more.

I teased her, delighting in her moans and gasps as I drove her higher and higher toward her peak without even plunging my finger into her wetness. I watched her body writhe and undulate on the bed, her hands reaching out and twisting into the sheets surrounding us. She was lost in pleasure, her eyes closed, her mouth open.

Finally, I allowed my finger to dip inside and sweep across her bud. She arched her back, sharply, and cried out. “My lord!” she shouted, the veins standing out on her neck. I kissed that delicious neck as my fingers went to work on her throbbing button, circling gently. I varied my pressure and speed to match her reactions; it seemed as though the slower I stimulated her, the more she enjoyed it. Her moans grew louder and longer, and her hips began grinding against my hand. I could feel her juices flowing freely, soaking into the bed.

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