The Bear Takes His Mate(13)

By: Emma Devine

Mike had revealed to her some time ago that he had dreamed of getting a virgin like her pregnant with a werebear. But when he met her, he became so entranced that the impregnation wasn’t enough. Now that they were true lovers, Sabrina couldn’t be happier. She’d gotten her job back, had a great boyfriend, and had a baby on the way. Life was good.

First Time with the Bear

“Fuck yeah baby. God you feel so good,” grunted Hannah’s boyfriend, Jim.

He thrust into her repeatedly as she sat there, taking him. Within fifteen seconds, Jim had already pulled out and came onto her belly. He crashed onto the bed and lay there, breathing heavily, grinning like an idiot as if he’d just won the title of “Greatest Fucker on Earth.”

Hannah had just about enough of this bullshit. Jim was her very first boyfriend and they’d only been dating for a few weeks. But she was tired of him already. He had mean, beady little eyes that seemed to always be judging her. He had greasy black hair that he never washed and a really bad case of acne all over (all over). But Hannah hardly had any choice. She needed companionship, and this was the best she could do.

Hannah had always felt really insecure about her body. She never got the courage to ask any guys out or go to parties or anything. So after Jim agreed to go out with her, she didn’t even think about it. She wanted a boyfriend so badly she didn’t even think about what that would involve. Hannah quickly learned that she made a mistake.

Jim always made her pay for dinner because for some reason, he always “forgot” to bring his wallet. So of course that meant that she had to chauffer him around everywhere. In fact, in their two weeks together, he hadn’t spent a single cent. Fortunately she had a decent job so she was able to afford it, but it was really beginning to piss her off.

Jim of course, had no job. He sat around all day at her house with his Xbox and played video games. He never even offered to let her play with him. He hadn’t physically beaten her or anything yet, but he always got angry when he lost at his games and one time got so angry he almost broke one of her pictures. He couldn’t help himself. Hannah knew it would probably only be a matter of time before he snapped.

Now that he had completely proven himself to be shitty in bed, she knew it was time to dump his ass and try to find someone else. Hannah knew he wasn’t worth her time. She wanted someone who could at least satisfy her in the bedroom. Not some piece of shit grease ball.

Sure Hannah was curvy, and she would likely never be with a really hot guy. But she knew she deserved someone better than him. It was time to make a life change.

“Hey Jim, I think it’s time we have a little talk.”

He shifted onto his side so that he could face her, a big, stupid grin on face, still happy he lasted as long as he did. Fucking pathetic.

“That was awesome, huh?”

As if he’d actually made her feel good.

“Look, Jim, I think we’re done. You obviously don’t care about me that much. You make me pay for all of your food, you make me drive you everywhere and you don’t last very long. I don’t want someone like you. You are just a massive piece of shit and I can’t afford you anymore.” The words tumbled out of her mouth uncontrollably, but they felt good.

His expression was absolutely priceless. He sat back on the bed, flabbergasted. The stupid grin on his face was replaced by a look of shock. He didn’t say a single word as he sat there, gaping at her like an idiot. She almost wanted to laugh. She didn’t think he would take it this hard, but she was pleasantly surprised. This asshole deserved it.

Finally, after several minutes, he got up out of her bed. He gathered his clothes and walked out of her room without a single word. She got up and hurried after him, expecting him to break something of hers or steal something or at least start screeching at her. But he surprised her. He unplugged his Xbox from her TV and walked right out the door.

Hannah breathed a sigh of relief. She expected a lot worse. One time, she asked him to pay for dinner at a fancy restaurant. It was their first date, so Hannah expected him to pay. She got up and went to the bathroom, foolishly leaving her purse behind. When she got back, she found that he’d already paid for dinner. Unfortunately, he’d paid with her money instead of his. He never had the balls to admit it, but she knew he liked to steal. She shook that thought out of her head and went back to bed, finally free of him at last.

Her phone woke her up the next morning. She picked it up, hoping upon hope that it wasn't Jim trying to bother her. Thankfully, it was just her friend, Krissy. Krissy had been her best friend for years now. She was the one who always tried to get Hannah to go parties with her. Krissy was the type of girl who knew everyone. She always knew who threw the best parties and how to get in.

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